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Fleet of UFOs over Interstate 10E Kingsbury Texas 10/22/16

UFO Sighting of Light Orbs 2017

My husband and I were returning home from a day in New Braunfels/Gruene area (about 30 miles north of San Antonio) driving eastbound on Interstate 10. I was on my Face book via smart phone until my husband who was driving asked me about these lights on the drivers side. I told him they were cell tow…

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UFO Sighting of two large UFO ships appeared in western sky Cedar Rapids IA U.S. 1/29/17

Latest UFO Sighting Ship Cedar Rapids IA 1/29/17

I was visiting with my 83-year-old mother watching TV. At approximately 8:15 pm I went outside to the car. I looked toward the western sky and sighted what looked like a very bright planet (white light). Sky's tonight were crystal clear with moonlight. All planets visible as well. The UFO light …

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Amazing Colored UFO Sighting 2017

Amazing Colored UFO Sighting 2017 Cloud Formations

Based in N.S.W - Research into UFO existence and other events relating to inter dimensional existence and cross over occurring now above us in our skies.Watch the clouds closely folks, They are not what they seem in some cases and the sky is full of cloud like beings. Welcome to the UFO channel …

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Latest UFO Sighting Lights Reported Huston Texas 1/27/17

Saw multiple (30 to 40) moon-like white UFO lights above clouds, moving quickly in circles, arcs and rectangles. Was jogging in Memorial Park at 7:30 PM on the Memorial Park Drive (North side), facing East. Looked at the sky and witnessed a UFO Sighting of multiple moon-like sphere shaped lights all…

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UFO Sighting large craft & separate red lights in the early morning Rochester NY 1/5/17

UFO Sighting Rochester NY 1/5/17

Driving 490 West on the East side of the Genesee River, I first noticed a formation of white lights, as if the UFO had multiple lights, brighter white lights on the outside with smaller white lights outlining what looked to be a large UFO. I could not see the UFO, only the white lights. The ligh…

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Jacques Vallée on UFOs & The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH)

For more than 20 years after the flying saucer frenzy of the late 1940s the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) remained the default explanation for UFOs. Jacques Vallée, a French astronomer and ufologist, was the first to challenge the ETH, and he followed the UFO Sighting data towards some unorthodo…

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UFO Sighting of 4 Lights in sky over mountains Goodyear Arizona 1/22/17

Goodyear Arizona UFO Sightings lights 1-22-17

My daughter and I were driving at night in the dark when we noticed 4 UFO lights that looked very bright above the distant mountains. Four of them lined up next to one another from right to left. The UFOs stayed stationary for a few moments and then 1 would fly swiftly away from the others leavi…

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New evidence suggesting the presence of Aliens and UFOs

There is no longer any real doubt that UFO Aliens exist. The question is: Who are they? And why are they here? It is quite possible that understanding them is the most important endeavor which we can undertake. There are thousands of people around the world who are quite certain that they know at …

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Military Radar UFO Sighting reported Tokishi Shima Island (Japan) 1966

Tokishi Shima Island Japan UFO Sighting report 1966

I was 23 years old I am in the Army it is Sunday my day off. I am scanning the sky's with a radar in the North there is a Island about 25 miles away there are 5 disk Shaped UFOs going up and down causing the radar to lock and unlock. I call the officer of the day (O.D.) he comes out and looks th…

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Large Loud Rectangular flying UFO moving slowly with no Lights Edmonton Alberta CA 1/20/17

I was visiting a friend in North West Edmonton. At exactly 11:45 pm I went on the balcony for air. It was a clear night sky. I heard a noise behind and above me as I was sitting in a chair. At first I believed it was a helicopter but I did not see any lights on the UFO. Then I heard what sounded lik…

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CIA Releases Millions of Gov Documents UFO Sightings & more 1/19/17

CIA Doc UFO Release 2017

The CIA recently released millions of documents under the Freedom Of Information Act. I have been searching the FOIA Library on line, and came across this amazing document, among many, many others. Below is the link to a very detailed report of governmental UFO sightings, and to me, proof of the…

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Latest Triangle UFO was flying very low made no noise Chesapeake VA 1/18/17

Black Triangle UFO Sighting Chesapeake VA 1/18/17

I love looking at the stars on clear nights and tonight was cloudless at the time. I was looking at the stars and I saw this UFO. It was flying low, maybe around 500 ft. or so, almost directly over my house. It was triangular in shape and had three lights near each angle. It was traveling at app…

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UFOs Making Impossible Directional Change On Night Vision Video Nevada 1/17/17

I shot this UFO video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of January 17, 2017. The only way to tell how unnatural some of the moves are in this video is to speed it up. I saw two UFO orange lights very high in the northern sky but by the time I was getting ready …

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UFO News Iranian Air force Defense Fires heavily at many UFOs 1/17/17

Iranian Air Force Defense started shooting heavily to many UFOs (17 Jan 2017 5 pm) 
At the center of Tehran Enghelab square..1000s of people were seeing this unbelievable incident and many pictures and videos captured as I attached. After the shooting Many Air force Aircrafts started flying above…

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UFO Sighting with large spotlights in Nebraska cattle country - 1976

It was a cold and clear starlit night in the winter of 1976. I lived out in the wide open cattle country of Nebraska where there are no street lights, so if it’s clear you can see millions of stars. I was a senior in high school and was ready to drive into town to play in a basketball game on Friday…

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Latest UFO Sighting Triangular shaped craft hovering above Strourport GB 1/14/17

I was coming back home in the car with family members when I spotted something hovering in the sky, At first I didn't make anything of it but then we got closer to it as we were driving and it seemed to have two bright white lights close together beaming with red and orange flashing lights on the ri…

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THREE TIME AWARD WINNER - International UFO Congress EBE Awards, Best Documentary, Best Historical Documentary and Peoples Choice Award. Discover the stunning connection between the Crop Circles and Mayan Prophecies that go back thousands of years. Scholars and researchers have discovered an extraor…

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UFO Sighting dull gray color was reflecting morning sunlight Mill Valley CA 11/18/16

I live in a small town about 10 miles north of San Francisco. 

It was a bright sunny morning and I was at home. I had opened the door to let my cat out on the deck like I do every morning. He ran out and stopped on a dime, looked up at the sky, then ran back into the house with his ears flat bac…

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Strange UFO Sighting Lights over League City TX 12/22/16

UFO Sighting light League City Texas 12/22/16

My parents live about 5 minuets from the bay/ ocean out side Houston and I pretty much have grown up on the water day and night fishing, so used to seeing lights from coast guard, other fishermen night fishing, freight liners, jets scrambling out of air-force base near by, NASA testing jets, you…

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Top 9 places to have a UFO Sighting in the Houston Texas area 1/11/17

UFO Sightings reported Houston Texas 2017

If you live in Houston, you're chances are good you could have a UFO Sighting in the skies above. Their seems to be a pattern of UFO Sightings being reported in the Houston Texas area from Katy near the Grand Parkway to the Gulf Freeway from Clear Lake area to Galveston. ABC13.COM 

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