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Project SIGMA How They Began Selling Your Genome to the Greys

In the 1950s, the US Government decided there was nothing wrong in letting Grey aliens abduct a few humans, if the price was right. Turns out you can’t win a deal with the devil. After shooting down several extraterrestrial flying vehicles and acquiring the advanced technology they carried on-board,…

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People Who Claim They Were Abducted by UFO Aliens Draw Their Experience

“For about a month, I had three dots on my right hand, spaced two centimeters apart in the form of a triangle. It hurt a lot for the first week – like a burn that would not heal.”Here are some of those drawings, coupled with brief interviews I conducted with the “UFO Alien Encounters”. …

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U.S. Army UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence

Paul Dean managed to find a wealth of Vietnam War-era records related to UFO’s; whatever “UFO” means. In some cases, “UFO” appears to mean “unknown helicopter” or “enemy helicopter”; in some cases, “UFO” is clearly used as a distinct term entirely.

Most of the do…

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Some Paranormal Experts Say Rare 737 Engine Blowout Due to UFO Sightings Encounter

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, made an emergency landing Saturday morning due to an apparent major blowout of one of its two engines. Some of the passengers on-board Flight 3472 report missing time. They reported on twitter that every watch on the plane was off…

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Latest UFO Sighting orange color close slowly coming toward me until turned/faded Burlington Vermont 8/27/16

I was out walking my dog on the sidewalk in front of my house in Burlington, Vermont. I've seen lots of unexplained things in the sky, so for many years, whenever I'm outside, I observe the sky. What I saw tonight starting about 10:20 was a large orange UFO sphere of light, maybe 100 feet above the …

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Initial 22 minute UFO Sighting before it disappeared 5 minutes later reappeared ST.Johns Arizona 8/26/16

ufo sightings saucer photo

We live off-grid in Apache County in AZ, approximately 10 miles from the New Mexico border, outside St Johns, AZ and often go out at night to view the black skies of AZ which are outstanding! My husband was outside and first saw the UFO and called me, and our daughter, to view this "UFO" Our dau…

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UFO Sighting Craft approached me flashed and blinded me with light then vanished Ponca City OK

UFO Sighting Ponca City OK

My wife and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood around our apartment. We left for our walk around 9 pm-10 pm. We started walking on the sidewalk, but it was late and not a busy street so we started to walk in the middle of the road. We walked for around thirty minutes down a couple …

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Alien art

See how over 1,500 participants responded to the following questions relating to SPIRITUALITY and the SPIRIT WORLD from our Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation Experiencer Research Study. Questions on: Reincarnation, Past Lifes, OBEs, NDEs, the Spirit World, Medical Healings, the Paranormal, Expa…

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UFO Sightings reports JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11

Military Air Force UFO Sightings data 1953

Want actual document proof that the US military had no intention of taking and handling UFO reports from military sources after 1970? Specifically, when Blue Book closed, the public were told that UFOs were no longer an issue. The Secretary of the USAF, Dr. Robert C. Seamans, Jr, famously announ…

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Witness describes low flying cylinder UFO Sighting Utah

Roger Marsh August 22, 2016  A Utah witness at West Jordan reported watching a cylinder-shaped UFO hovering while it changed colors before slowly moving away according to testimony in Case 78051 MUFON   OPENMINDS.TV  Witness describes low flying cylinder UFO | Openminds.tv credit Open …

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Dr. Rodger Leir's book "UFO Crash In Brazil" Alien Retrieval

With no one else around you come across a crashed saucer "UFO" in a remote location filled with advanced technology. What would you do? Here’s my answer, what is yours? J.Burkes MD

Please be aware that in Dr. Rodger Leir's book "UFO Crash In Brazil" there is a story about a young …

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Ancient Egyptian Text reveals UFO Alien Encounters 1480 BC

The Pharaoh that ruled over Egypt was Thutmose III and according to this intriguing ancient text, this mass UFO sightings happened back in 1480 BC. Ancient Origine After several days had passed, they "UFOs" became more numerous in the sky than ever. They "UFOs" shined in the sky more than the brig…

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Clear Intent The UFO Sightings Military Cover Up

Clear Intent Military UFO Sightings Cover up

UFO News: There is an outrage in Ufology right now and its called ''Forgetting Our Best Evidence''. Tisk Tisk, what has UFO research come to, says Paul Dean.

In 1984, UFO government documents researchers Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett published one of the most shattering books about the…

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Do Astronomers have UFO Sightings? Yes 8/20/16

Do astronomers see UFOs? YES! In fact, they are largely responsible for beginning civilian UFO research... http://www.openminds.tv/astronomers-and-ufos/38223 Astronomers and UFOs : Alejandro Rojas August 19, 2016  Astronomy is one of the oldest disciplines of science. Many prehistoric monum…

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How a Disked Shaped UFO escorted police for two hours

His new book has been translated by UFO expert Philip Mantle who publishes books on strange unexplained sightings. for the first time in English has revealed a string of close encounters in Poland. Polish policemen rarely report their UFO encounters but when they do, their reports are ast…

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NORAD UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence


NORAD and the UFO Sightings File Smokescreen.North American Aerospace Defense Command is charged with the missions of aerospace warning and aerospace control for North America. Aerospace warning includes the detection, validation, and warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, …

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New Military UFO files released 8/18/16

australian Warship UFO

Paul Dean Part 2 of my series about the Australian Navy warship and UFO’s is now up Again, I have dug deep to find obscure and formally classified US and Australian military and diplomatic records which consistently discuss “UFOs” whatever that term means  as opposed to “unidentified aircraft” a…

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Three UFO Sightings of Triangular UFOs sighted within minutes of each other Edison NJ

Triangle UFO Sighting Arnold MO 7/3/16 
Hello, this is to report a multiple sighting of triangular UFOs that were observed within 17 mins of each other, location was at private house back yard near Oak Tree Edison, NJ here's the story. 

With the wash out of the Perseid meteor shower give it another chance so set up lawn chairs an…

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Russian Navy have had encounters with strange UFO objects Underwater

Everyone has heard the term UFO but few have heard of its underwater counterpart USO -unidentified submersible object - but a new book lifts the lid on the phenomenon There's a secret army of UFOs plotting war under the sea according to a new book
MIRROR.CO.UK  credit Peter Mandevi…

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Night mass UFO sighting 10 multi-colored spinning egg-shaped glowing vehicles

I was a participant at Contact in the Desert - 2016. On the night of June 4,I was attending the Night Vision Sky watch at the Orion Lookout point. The facilitator was allowing attendees to use her night vision goggles, but I had brought my 7 X 50 binoculars. I saw a number of UFOs through the goggle…

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