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Full spectrum camera caught images of Larger Spheroid UFO

Full Spectrum Camera Images of UFO Sighting

On Saturday September 19, 2015 at 2:34 pm Lee's Summit Montana, I took some random video with a full spectrum adapted video camera. After viewing the camera screen quickly, I forgot about it. When I happened to look more closely on computer at the video on February 20, 2016, I noticed UFOs that were…

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Why Professional Science Can't Unravel UFO Mystery

There are important reasons why UFOs and other phenomenon labeled as "paranormal" are not studied by academic science. It is not realistic to expect that professional science can investigate flying saucers even if they chose to try and do so.

“Why Professional Scienc…

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Night Vision Infrared UFO Video Fremont CA

UFO Triangle Night Vision Sighting 6/9/16

A strange and at the same time unique UFO sighting was captured on camera using night vision goggles and an IR filer in 2008 over Fremont, CA. A Triangle shaped UFO "Unidentified Flying Object' was captured on video clearly showing an aircraft in a V shape with seven white running lights maneuvering…

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Two White Shaped UFOs like thin crescent moon reported Rifle CO 6/5/16

UFO Sighting Report 6/5/16: I was driving east on the interstate when I saw movement to the front of me, (northeast) a little left about 11:00, two UFOs shaped like thin crescent moons, exactly the same size and shape, going in and out of the clouds. They were situated the same, with the round part …

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Tiny Black UFO emitting oval double exhaust plume St.Louis 6/7/16

UFO Sightings Report St.Louis June.7,2016:  A female companion and I were about to enter my automobile on a parking lot. She sighted what appeared to be a flare hovering in the western sky as the sun was setting. As we watched, two jets flew nearby the UFO, one from the north, the other from the s…

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UFOs Using Clouds To Cover There Presence Ottawa Quebec

UFO Sightings report Ottawa Quebec 6/4/16: I didn't know where to report this to Mufon but given the weird UFOs I have seen in the sky in the same area over Quebec and the odd contrails I see in the same area now to add to that are clouds with so many different looks that I had to report this one a…

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Wish Dream of an UFO Alien Rescue Hypothesis

The Challenge of Flying Saucers Involves Saving our Civilization Without Science or Religion. J. Burkes MD

Earlier this year in a posting on FB I suggested that UFO intelligence was not only totally telepathic, but also capable of monitoring communications on social media. In a light-hearted way …

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Very Large White Blimp Shaped UFO Sighting Reported MI U.S.6/6/16

Event taped while we were in home celebrating three birthdays of family members. The location was 1 mile from Texas Corners, MI in the country. 

I didn't study video for three days or so and then found it contained the object which was above the clouds and depending on altitude could be the larg…

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Jules Verne Cause 1800's Widespread UFO Sighting Panic

Jules Verne UFO Sightings 1890 scare

For a brief period during the late 1890s, a wave of UFO sightings swept across the United States. Dozens of strange UFO objects were seen sailing through the skies from coast-to-coast.That Time Jules Verne Caused a UFO Sightings Scare  Mysterious UFO objects have been observed in the sky all…

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UFO Sightings of Mystery Airships during 1896-1900

Mystery UFO Sightings Airships 1896-1900

UFOs of the First World War
Nigel Watson, History Press.

Looks at the sightings of mystery airships, balloons and aerial objects before and during WW1, using government archive material and newspaper reports.

Whether you regard UFOs as a manifestation of psychological and so…

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Physics of Contact with UFO Alien Non Human Intelligence

UFO Alien Contact 2016

"The Physics of Contact with UFO Alien Non-human Intelligence". A documentary Initiated and produced by The Dr. Edgar Mitchell 
Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, a Not for Profit Corporation

The purpose of this documentary is to present ground-breaking physics concep…

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Singularity and Official UFO Alien Disclosure Reality

Artificial Intelligence UFO

"These other beings... They know that we're about to leap right into their world." - Richard Dolan

How will we make this leap? Lots of new technologies are coming our way, and collective human knowledge is increasing at a faster rate than ever before in history. A technological "singularity" …

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Russia's USO UFOs Secrets Revealed

Russia UFO Secrets book

Note from Paul Stonehill: Russia's USO Secrets contains information about Soviet Navy's observations of UFOs in the Antarctic. This information has never before been available in the West and few know of it in Russia. The book was recently published and we hope to see it translated to other lang…

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OPREP-3 Classified U.S. Military UFO Sighting Report System

OPREP-3 U.S. Military UFO Sightings report Channel

This could be an important situation people.. Ive found a new reporting system, or "channel", where UFO Sighting reporting occurs within the US military.. The system is called "Operational Reporting 3 [Event / Incident Reporting]"

And it is, (not can), IS used for UFO Sighting repor…

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M.C. Escher Alien Contact possibilities 1935 The Dream

Escher's work explored impossible layouts implying extra dimensional space,Alien Contact and other conundrums.The Dream (Mantis Religiosa) shows a fallen bishop stretched on a catafalque as a huge otherworldly praying mantis stands on his chest (the whole work is a sort of pun on the mantis’ taxon…

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NASA publication UFO Sightings in Classical Antiquity


A combined historical and scientific approach is applied to ancient reports of what might today be called unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Many conventionally explicable phenomena can be weeded out, leaving a s…

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Evidence of Advanced Alien Superstructure KIC8462852

Alien Super Structure KIC 8462852

Professor Michio Kaku: "This Has To Be An Alien Super Structure!" A top professor believes that we have definitely found evidence of an advanced alien superstructure! KIC 8462852 (pictured), located 1480 light-years away, and has produced a series of bizarre light fluctuations researchers have…

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