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Very Large UFO Craft Sighting by 5 Individuals Florida

Silver Disk Shaped UFO Craft

On August 25, 2012, I saw my own huge UFO craft hovering less than 50 feet away from me and I have been thinking about this experience EVERY DAY since I saw it. The most important item to retain in this quick summary is that I specifically called this object-- it did not just mysteriously appear…

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UFO Alien Time Synchronicities 1-11-11-11-2-22-3-33-4-44-

As inter-dimensional Alien creatures who travel in UFO machines through time slips and who manipulate time itself, their psychic prod to nudge our awareness towards such synchronous time numbers, seeking to disorientate us, to raise unanswerable questions that loom and dissipate, and to satisfy thei…

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UFO Sighting highly reflective object in the sky 6/23/16 Katy Texas

On June 23, 2016, I was driving home from work in Houston heading west toward Katy on I-10. It was around 6:20 pm so the sun was still high in the sky. It was sunny and partly cloudy. A shiny UFO in the sky caught my eye. I would say that it was like an oval shape, I couldn't see any sharp edges but…

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Pilot Kenneth Arnold witnesses historical UFO Sighting June 24 1947

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sightings June 24 1947

Witnessing a formation of strange craft flying in the skies over Mt. Rainier Washington and ushers in the modern age of Flying Saucers on this day in June 24 1947. While flying near Mt. Rainier in Washington State, Arnold claimed to have seen nine unusual objects flying in the skies. Arnold al…

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Was the Roswell UFO Incident part of a Masquerade of Aliens?

Roswell UFO Sightings Newspaper Report

I just read an interesting speculative analysis suggesting that it really was a weather balloon that crashed outside of Roswell and that the US Army then hoaxed an alleged ET connection as part of some kind of psi-warfare operation. What if the incident was not faked by US military forces but ra…

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UFO Sighting Oval or Eye shaped object same color as the sky but brighter/glowing translucent

UFO Sighting reported 6/18/16 Lakeland Florida: I have always been a sky watcher, scoping out the sky looking for shooting stars and fireballs. I am always excited when I get a chance to witness these cool events but recently I have seen a few things that I can not explain as I have never seen anyth…

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12-13 UFOs were sighted from front yard around 9:00 pm Statesville NC

My husband was out side around 9 :00 PM Saturday night 6/18/16 and called for me to come to the front yard. When I came out I saw several round/ oval reddish orange yellow brightly colored UFOs flying lower than an airplane but no obvious wings or sound. As we watched there were 12 to 13 UFOs flying…

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Metallic Cylinder UFO Sighted escorted by two military helicopters Fl.

UFO Sighting reported on 6/19/16 Fernandina Beach Florida Two military helicopters were escorting a metallic cylinder UFO. The light of the full moon reflected off the cylinder. The cylinder had no lights. The helicopters were Seahawks mh 60. The UFO cylinder appeared to be about 2/3 the size of the…

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UFO Sightings Dark Gray Disc with two bright beams lights Curryville MO

UFO Sightings June 2016 Curryville MO

Heading west on highway 54 as I was passing through Curryville Montana my 6 year old daughter and I noticed a gray disc in the sky emitting two bright beams. It seemed to hover for 10 seconds max then disappeared. A person who passed me on the hwy earlier was stopped taking pictures of this UFO …

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Low Triangle UFO Sighting with single strange pulsating light descending Leicester GB 7/8/08

Triangle UFO Sighting 2008 Leicester GB

I was walking from friends house early in morning returning to fathers house I was exactly 16 years old.as I got not far from my back garden gate I was on the street path I heard a noise like something I never heard before really quiet but as if cutting through the air and I turned my head to le…

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Wild Speculation on Alleged UFO Alien Technology

UFO Alien Sightings

Wild speculation and unjustified assertions concerning alleged ET technology are constants among UFO fans. One notion states that so-called aliens have “Transdimensional” technology. I believe according to this theory no factories are required to build the hundreds of diverse types of “craft” ob…

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Encountered Black Skinned Alien Entity following sleep paralysis 3/16/16

Alien Encounter reported 3/16/16 Bloomington Indiana I was asleep in my bed about 4:00 am after going to sleep late (maybe midnight), I awoke in sleep paralysis coupled with shooting pain in my head and neck, at first I felt like my head was in the jaws of some large animal, like a puma. The pain wa…

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First Repcon 2016 conference Video focuses on Reptilian Aliens

Held at the Fusiliers Museum, Bury, north Manchester, England May 29th 2016 So they had Simon Parkes, whom I caught for an interview. The rest of the excellent speakers were recorded, so do support RepCon 2016 by going to their website dontmentionthereptilians.com which is also an excellent do…

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UFO Sightings Over Kazakhstan Nation's History

UFOs over Kazakhstan, Central Asia Posted by: Paul Stonehill June 15, 2016 UFOs hovered over the USSR throughout the nation’s history, despite the secrecy of the country’s Communist regime, and its desire to reject the presence of out of this world visitors UFOs over Kazakhstan, Central Asia | …

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Marines Deployed Afghanistan Has UFO Sighting Encounter Events 2009

My brother, a corporal in United States Marine Corps was deployed 2009 to Afghanistan FOB (Field operating base) Camp Payne. This base is located close to the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. During his deployment one night he was manning a mark 19 at a guard post with a couple of other Marines o…

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Down the Rabbit Hole of ET Encounters

The story you are about to hear, to some of you, may sound - way out there and to others, completely real. Rey Hernandez, an ET experiencer and co-founder of FREE which stands for the Dr. Edgar Michell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters thought he was losing his mind, literally…

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Triangle shaped UFO spotted for the second time 6/12/16 Utah

I posted on here before about when my friend and I were at my pool and saw a UFO circle us 3 times, and last night I was with my sister who is a skeptic, it was around 11 pm and we were having a late night swim. She was swimming laps and I was floating on my back looking at the stars, there are a lo…

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UFO reached us in 3 seconds from miles away reported Sedona AZ 6/9/16

My life partner and I set out tonight to consciously look for UFOs and to stargaze as we often do. Sedona is a dark sky city as well as one of the e.t. capitols of the world, so we often engage in long, late night drives in this place. We began our drive around 9:25 p.m. and did a loop of the Villag…

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UFO Sighting Bright Round Silver White Object Alaska 6/8/16

On Wednesday night June 8th around 9 pm I was alone fishing for catfish in the family lake .low on the western horizon the only way I know how to describe it,is a bright round object brilliant silver white in color just appeared then (teleported) from its stationary position towards the South. I say…

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Silver-white cigar shaped UFOs floating above Little River SC. 6/9/16

My mother and I were leaving our house in Little River, SC, upon leaving the neighborhood I sighted 2 whitish-silver cigar shaped UFOs, one appeared to be smaller than the other. the larger UFO appeared to not be moving and the smaller UFO of the two did move, it seemed to be slow moving. These UF…

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