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UFO Sightings are on the rise over Australia Melbourne 33116

Australia Melbourne UFO Sightings photographed

With UFO Sightings activity constantly intensifying, there is real chance that we’ll get to see an accurate recording of these flying devices in the near future, as more and more people with cell phone cameras and video will be able to catch such UFO SightingsSky Watcher Films Winged UFO …

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Vegan Diets could attract UFO Aliens says Laura Eisenhower 33116

Extraterrestrial UFO Alien photo

In an interview with Vice News, Eisenhower explains that “sky beings” can be anything from extraterrestrials, to UFOs, fairies, spirit guides, elves or even angels—since people are all different, the way we perceive non-human life varies. President Eisenhower Great Grand daughter says Ve…

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Eisenhower descendant talks UFOs & Mars Colonies 33116

Eisenhower Descendant talks UFOs Mars colony 33116

UFO News: Laura Eisenhower is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower and lectures about his UFO experiences, her experiences and government. Laura says she is grateful this is getting out there, and I look at Ike and I don't just like him, I love him --- thanks for being my Sp…

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Swamp Gas UFO Sightings 1966 Police Investigation 33016

swamp gas UFO sighting 1966

POLICE INVESTIGATION: Within minutes of receiving the UFO Sighting complaint at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Dept, deputies McFadden and Fitzpatrick, Car #34, were dispatched to the witness location, made contact with witness (A). Witness (A) advised that an unidentified object was presently …

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Fairport New York UFO Sightings Reported 33016

UFO Sightings reported March 30 2016

Went out for a smoke and looked up because it is a crystal clear tonight, you can see all stars, looking towards the east I saw a wide bright red light, flashing intermittently, thought it was a plane heading west to the airport but it had no sound whatsoever and was flying very smooth and low. …

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Triangular Shaped UFO Sighting reported over Columbus Ohio 33016

An Ohio resident reported sighting a silent, triangular-shaped UFO that appeared to be translucent green, flying over his neighborhood on March 15.2016 according to testimony in Case 75230 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness UFO Sightings reporting database. Triangular-Shaped UFO …

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Airline UFO Sightings Case and Skinwalker Ranch 32916

UFO Classified
Erica Lukes – Airliner UFO Case and Skinwalker Ranch – March 29, 2016 Posted by: Alejandro Rojas March 29, 2016 0 Open Minds UFO Radio: Erica Lukes is a UFO researcher and podcaster. She is the former state director for the Utah chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a MUFO…

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British made Documentary about 1966 Area 51 32816

Area 51 UFO Mystery

Here's a very well-made comprehensive informative British-made documentary
about Area 51 from 1996
, centering around the claims of Bob Lazar who claimed to have worked there.The film also features interviews with renowned UFO investigators and/or experiencers, George Knapp, Timothy Good, Robert…

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Have You Ever had a Sighting of Orbs? see survey 32816

UFO Orb Sightings photo

Our FREE Experiencer Research findings on ORBS.
Our new FREE website, EXPERIENCER.ORG, will be unveiled to the public on April 1st. Go check it out and let us know what you think. We still have much work to do on the website but it will be a beginning. Have You Ever had a Sighting of Orbs? see …

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Researcher Discovers that UFOs maybe Living Entities 32816

While most people consider the term ‘UFO’ to be directly linked to that of alien spacecraft, there are some who consider the exact opposite, meaning that instead of the futuristic approach of artificial objects th…

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Adelaide S.Australia Recent Triangular UFO Sighting Reported 32716

Adelaide S.Australia 31516

Adelaide, South Australia, Tuesday, March 15, 2016, @ 9:45 p.m. (local)—An adult male, sitting in an outdoor spa in his backyard, when he witnesses three triangular craft, flying in an unwavering triangular formation, streak across the visible sky in an estimated 5-8 seconds.  The witness works …

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DNA as Nanotech Design Darwin never met Aliens 32516

UFO Alien Abduction
God is responsible for the spiritual entities within our bodies, and more likely, aliens are the most likely candidates for the geniuses behind the amazing nanotech DNA which designs our life form physical bodies; there is …

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White Mountain 1961 UFO Alien Abduction Incident 32516

Barney Betty Hill UFO Alien Abduction 1961

In 1961 Barney and Betty Hill were driving at night through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they noticed that a bright light in the sky was following them. The light came closer and closer until it blocked the road in front of them. Barney stopped the car, retrieved his pistol and his …

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Disk Shaped UFO Sighting reported Wadley Georgia 2015

UFO Sightings Saucer
Wadley, Georgia, Monday, June 29th, 2015, @ 0128 hrs. (EDT)— from their home in Georgia to their new assignment location in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a husband and wife report witnessing a bizarre looking, disc-shaped, metallic-appearing UFO craft cross the highway in front of their vehicle. T…

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Hallmarks of Long Exposure UFO Sightings Photography 32316

UFO Sightings photo

A brief exploration of the hallmarks of "long exposure" photography, from within the context of UFO mis identifications and the Dorothy Izatt photos of streaks of light:

Part 1 - What is long exposure photography:

"Long-exposure photography or time-exposure photography or slow shutter photography invo…

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UFO Sightings Encounter reported 18th century France 32316

Although some people believe the UFO Sightings phenomenon started in the 1900s, there are a few well-preserved accounts speaking of extraterrestrial encounters ever since humanit…

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Costa Rica UFO Sightings Video over Volcano 32216

Costa Rica UFO Sightings Photo

Costa Rica witness captures disc UFO over volcano Posted by: Roger Marsh March 22, 2016 0 A Costa Rica witness at Cartago reported watching and photographing a saucer-shaped UFO near the Irazú Volcano National Park, accord…

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Video caught UFO landing over Las Vegas Nevada 32116

This UFO Sighting video was captured within two miles of my home in Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 19, 2016 says Steven Barone. 

What an awesome sight this was to see. I saw a light in the sky just above the closest mountain to my home which is less than two miles away and began to film…

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Combating Misinformation in the Study of UFOs 32116

UFO Cover-up

Darin Crapo is joined by Kyle Aloia from Dayton, Washington, USA on episode 4 of UFO Planet Extra. Kyle owns and operates the YouTube channel “UFO Proof” and operates the Google+ communities called “The Open-mind Skeptic” and “Let’s Talk About UFOs”. Kyle is known for being “The Angr…

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Newly Discovered 1930-40 Italian Fascist UFO Sightings Reports 31916

secret UFO Sightings Files

The story of the newly discovered "Italian Fascist UFO files
had its start in 1996, when an anonymous person (whom we shall call "MR. X") began sending, to various central and local organizations, documents - both originals and photostats - relating to a series of UFO sightings which had …

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