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Top Secret UFO Sightings Encounter Hungarian Air Force 22116

Hungarian AF UFO Sightings Report

On February 7th, a Slovakian ufologist claimed to leak "top secret" UFO files from the Hungarian Air Force to MUFON. Texas UFO Sightings has looked into the files and feels it's well worth sharing with the UFO comm…

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George Filer UFO Sightings Classified 22116

George Filer UFO Sightings files

Extremely Good Presentation - Agree with all his suppositions or not, George is a honest man with a verifiable background. Whether his assumptions are correct UFO Sightings are real. The following Video presentation is a…

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NASA Astronauts Heard Music on Dark Side of Moon 22116

Music Dark Side Moon

"If you’re behind the moon and hear some weird noise on your radio, and you know you’re blocked from the Earth, then what could you possibly think?"
HUFFINGTONPOST.COM credit Dawn Stephens

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UFO Sightings of a Possible Alien Invasion 22116

UFO Sightings Invasion

Recent multiple reports of mysterious glowing orbs dropping landing pods over locations across the U.S. have caused UFO researchers to raise the question are we being invaded by UFO Aliens? The Following V…

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UFO Sightings Graphics via Metrocosm 22016

Mass UFO Sightings Aug 5th 1608 South France 21916

UFO Sightings reported Soth France 1608

Forbidden history: Mass UFO Sightings. According to history, our ET friends have been visiting us for a very long time! The inhabitants of the South France, from Marseille to Antibes, witnessed a true UFO Sighting major incident, reported in a c…

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UFO Intelligence Contact Scenario 21916

UFO Contact

Why Does UFO Intelligence Make Experiencers Look Ridiculous? Joseph Burkes MD 2015

Contact Scenario: A UFO witness reports strange visitations of non-human beings. While in a dream like state she believes she is repeatedly taken through the wall of her bedroom and floated into a UFO. There ar…

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Latest UFO Sightings Reported Wappingers Falls New York 21916

UFO Sightings Witness states that At about 7:10 PM tonight 2/19/16, I was sitting in my car waiting for my wife to come out of Hanafords Supermarket in Wappingers falls New York. A red light moving up and down through the trees north of me on rt9 maybe a mile away no more then 1 1/2 and on the other…

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UFO Sighting Contact Research Study being conducted 21916

UFO Contact Study 2016

UFO News The Late DR.Edgar Mitchel UFO Sighting Contact Research Foundation

Our FREE Experiencer Research Study is the world’s first comprehensive multi-lingual academic research study on individuals who have had UFO Sighting related contact with non human intelligence. The objective …

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UFO Sightings by School Children in Zimbabwe Africa 21816

Zimbabwe UFO Sightings
(NEW 2015) 62 Zimbabwe children witnessed something very scary in what is widely considered the best documented UFO Sightings case to date. 62 Zimbabwe children witnessed something very scary in w…

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UFO Sightings Magnetic Portals do Exist say NASA 21816

UFO Sightings portal

NASA have already admitted on their website that portals exist ~ it's pretty obvious how 'some ' of the ET'S are getting to us! "Portals Do EXIST" Declares NASA (Oh And This Is On Their Website). Yet more 'Dr…

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UFO News Exclusive Radio Interview with Whitley Streiber 21716

KGRAs photo UFO Radio

KGRA This Thursday night 2/18/16 at 8 pm Whitley Streiber joins PHENOMENON Radio with John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe! Exclusive interview with one of UFOlogy's most intellectually vibrant personalities A New Vision of the Unexplained not to be missed. Listen Live Free! Click here! http://t…

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U.S. Government Continues to shred Archived UFO Files 21716

Government UFO-related documents seem to have a habit of disappearing. This time the files belonged to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). John Greenewald website Black Vault has been using the Freedom of Information to attempt to retrieve Government UF…

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Virtual Hologram UFO Sightings Hypothesis 21616

False UFO Memories

J. Burkes MD

What I have put forward is both very disturbing. It should also be humbling. If the Virtual Experience Hypothesis (VEH )is correct then.. 

1. Many/most UFO sightings are not of physical objects but are the produ…

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US Naval Officer Vows to Disclose UFO Files 21616

Lt Col Charles Halt UFO disclosue

A FORMER US Naval officer Lt. Col Charles Halt who claims his secrecy agreement with the American Government has expired is vowing to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret UFO "I'm not reporting a UFO sighting rathe…

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UFO appears on Utah Radar Screen 21516

Utah14Jan16radar UFO Sighting

Doppler Radar Paint near Location and Time UFO Sighting.

This UFO case was reported to me by Erica Lukes who is the director of MUFON for the state of Utah. She knows a radio show host who was scanning communications between aircraft and the FAA shortly after midnight on January 14, 2016. He heard a …

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North Carolina Enormous Black Triangle UFO Sightings 21516


Camp Mackall Military Reservation, Ft. Bragg — I am a retired US Army Special Forces operator and instructor. I have spent a career honorably serving my country and I swear that the following statements are true and factual. While assigned as cadre to the JFK Special Warfare Center, I spent the …

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New Jersey Black Transparent UFO Sightings Reported 21516

NJ Triangle UFO Sightings reported 21516

Cherry Hill — I walked outside and stood there watching the stars for ten minutes, as they seemed very bright because there were no clouds. Once my eyes adjusted, I sighted a black or dark transparent object moving slowly..Continue to read NJ UFO Sightings report Here

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The UFO ET Dilemma What is to be done? 21516

UFO Contact group

J. Burkes MD

A possible plan for opening up our civilization to what appears to be an extraterrestrial presence. For me the next steps are clear and I appreciate how outrageous what I am about to put down in writing might appear to be. First UFOlogy needs to abandon the…

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Shirley MacLaine Radio UFO Sage 21516

Shirley Maclaine

What an Exoconscious conversation with distinguished Ufologist, Brit Elders, on Shirley MacLaine Radio. Brit's birth into Ufology came when Wendell Stevens asked her to investigate UFOs.Brit and her husband, Lee, anchor ufology. And sage Shirley--shares what she's witnessed from the front po…

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