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UFO Sighting Reported 22716 Alhambra CA 22916

I was driving On the 10 freeway in Alhambra when I noticed a UFO metallic object which was hovering over some hills , My initial reaction was that it was a metallic balloon so I asked my daughter and her friend to give me their opinion. They assured me that it was not a balloon, I pulled over on the…

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Under Ocean UFO Military Bases 22816

UFO Sightings Under Oceans

Under-Ocean UFO Military Bases - Lower Level Secret Space Programs | There Is More Than Just One Area 51 - See for Yourself

The existence of secret underground facilities for undisclosed militaristic purposes has long been discussed within fields of alternative research. In 2013, the CIA admi…

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Bob Lazar Analysis UFO Footage 22816

UFO News Bob Lazar

This Analysis Shows He Was Telling The Truth. 

This is professionally enhanced footage that was shot on the outskirts of Area 51 by Bob Lazar, Gene Huff and John Lear back in 1989. Bob knew the test flight schedule, on Wednesday nights, when they flew the flying disks that were held at S4.…

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Russian UFO ET Disclosure coming soon 22616

UFO Disclosure

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev disclosed that he has some secret files on human-looking aliens during a television interview. He candidly revealed that these extraterrestrials are covertly living on earth and claimed that he is in possession of two folders containing secret files about t…

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UFO Intelligent Invisible Terrestrial Entities 22616

We are not alone! UFO Intelligent invisible terrestrial entities found using concave lens, roaming freely in Earth atmosphere INTELLIHUB.COM|BY INTELLIHUB credit Jordin Gudinne Intelligent invisible terrestrial entities found using concave lens, roaming freely in...

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UFO Secret Agency The Collins Elite 22616

UFO Secret Agency Collins Elite

"Who are the Collins Elite and Why You Need to Know the Startling Information they Uncovered About UFO’s and their Real Agenda…"

Tony Topping explores the work of the secretive US Agency Collins Elite and the startling discoveries they made that formed part of a jigsaw puzzle. Perplexed a…

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UFO & Occult Influenced David Bowie Life 22616

UFO & Occult David Bowie

Author/UFO investigator Timothy Beckley met pop star David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust tour. In this exclusive interview for Dreamland, Beckley reveals to best selling Communion author Whitley Strieber how Bowie edited a UFO newsletter as a teen and how on several occasions he observed UFOs at …

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UFO Hovering over Neighbors House reported Canada 22516

UFO Flying Saucer

I woke up in the middle of the night coughing. It woke up my husband and he asked me if I was OK. I answered "Yes I am ok,just coughing". I then went to use the washroom and decided to sit on the couch and opened the window just a crack to have a smoke. It was 3:48 am. While I was sitting there …

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UFO Sighting Reported Over Santa Clarita CA 22516

While watching TV I noticed a large object hovering still over the top of one of the mounts in the LA National Forrest, the morning sky was just starting to light up with the sun rising in the east behind the object, but the sun had not peaked over the mountain just yet. The UFO object caught my att…

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UFO Alien Intrusion Stages of Acceptance 22416

UFO Alien Intrusion Ken Kimballs photo.

This is for those that are dealing with a certain problem. Intrusions in my life and maybe yours. Do you, or anyone you know have or had an experience or encounter something "not" of this world? Many people, more now than ever, swear they are being watched, or visited on a regular basis. Here are so…

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Invisible UFO Alien Entities Here on Earth 22416

Scientists Finally Prove ‘Invisible UFO Alien Entities ARE Here On Earth’ Top leading SCIENTISTS who have been seeking evidence of anti-matter in space have…

WWW.UFOINTERNATIONALPROJECT.COM credit Scott Wicker Scientists Finally Prove 'Invisible UFO Alien Entities ARE Here On Eart…

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UFO Alien Sightings North Carolina Brown Mountain Mystery 22416

The Appalachian Mountains have always been a hotbed for some of America’s best-kept mysteries. The North Carolina Brown Mountain Lights Might Prove that Extraterrestrials are REAL Countless reports of bizarre creatures and moving UFO lights have reported over the last couple of hundred years. Cred…

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UFO Contact Creating a Belief System 22416

If UFOs use encounters to create belief systems, is the scientific model the best paradigm to investigate the phenomenon?
J. Burkes MD

What if the intelligence behind UFOs is in the "belief business" as described by John Keel and certainly suggested by Dr Vallee? What if they stage interactions …

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UFO defies Gravity over Portland Oregon 22316

UFO Sightings Witness description reads as follow My husband and I were on our roof looking at the moon and noticing the different types of IFO's. He noticed a light moving so we thought it was a satellite, aircraft, or balloon but then it started moving backwards at an impossible speed. It made sq…

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UFO Sightings Reported 21316 Nottingham UK 22316

UFO 2016

When I witnessed the UFO I was putting the bins out at my University house. I decided to look up at the stars as it was a very clear night and they seemed particularly bright and visible on that particular night. As I looked up I noticed what at first glance appeared to be a small gray UFO objec…

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ET Religion Sex & Secrets 22216

Gods Determination

ETs, Religion, Sex, and Secrets

Exoconscious Humans Speak Secrets. We give voice to the confusion and trauma in our personal life. This releases us from the frames of institutions and authorities that defined us—literally FRAMED us.

Free of framing, the Exoconscious Human first moves w…

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CIA Classified 1950's Document UFO Aliens landing on Earth 22216

The real life X Files: CIA release former top secret documents about alien UFOs landing on earth  Extraterrestrials "Aliens" have Landed On Earth! We have KNOWN THAT at least 70 years. OPEN CONTACT WILL NOT END THE Truth Embargo. Only a Formal ‪#‎UFO Alien Disclosure‬ by the Preside…

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Sensitive UFO Sightings Reports UK soon to be released 22216

Top Secret UK Documents Which Prove 'Aliens EXIST' To Be Released In Days? - UFO International...

Top Secret UK Documents Which Prove UFO Aliens EXIST To Be Released In Days?   Apparently confidential government reports into UFO sightings – dubbed the British X Files could be made public…

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Patterns of UFO Sightings the hidden truth 22216

George Wingfield: Linda Moulton-Howe's false UFO Sightings & crop circles..

George Wingfield and Colin Andrews tells of Linda Moulton-Howe's repeating pattern of ignoring the actual facts in favor of show biz stories. Crop Circles and UFOs.Carrion wrote: "The road of ufology is littered w…

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Strange UFO Sightings Baffle Experts over Kent UK 22116

Mysterious lights in UK skies baffle experts

Strange UFO lights that appeared in the sky above Kent and remained there for half an hour are baffling experts looking for an explanation after the Ministry of Defense denied they were flares. UFO Sightings have been spotted in UK skies after …

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