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Strange UFO Sightings Video in 2016

The year is close to an end - this video compiles some of the most compelling UFO sightings of 2016 - with an emphasis on November 2016 and December 2016. Footage includes strange flashes in the sky that may be communicating, an impressive cluster sighting, and a structured craft that might be the f…

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Happy New Year 2017

NYUFO Happy New Year 2017

Lighted Triangular UFOs sighted within minutes of each other High Overhead Edison NJ 8/16/16

Edison NJ Triangular UFO Sighting 81616

Lighted, 3 triangular UFOs sighted within minutes of each other. 
This is to report a multiple UFO sightings of triangular UFOs that were observed withing 17 mins of each other, location was at private house back yard near Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ. Here's the story. With the wash out of the P…

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Ultra-Bright White Blimp like UFO Sighting Davie Florida 12/15/16

UFO Sighting Davie Florida 12/15/16

UFO Sighting reported Davie, FL 12/15/2016 20:00 I first spotted the light in the northern sky. Location of the full moon was in the northern sky as well. The moon was at about 45 DEG. It was difficult to see at first because it was directly behind, but a little above a streetlight. I would say …

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UFO Sighting Liquid Orange Power Lights Port Washington Wisconsin 2016

UFO Sighting Port Washington Wisconsin 7416

UFO Sighting Brilliant orange "power" lights; one word description would have to be "rolling," or "liquid."

Being confined by language, with the additional restriction of vocabulary, it is difficult to convey individual knowledge, but this is what I must try to do. I live in a condo in this s…

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Encounter With Grey Alien Being Who Materialized in Bedroom Laguna Hills CA 12/25/16

On December 25, 2016, I went to bed between 9 pm - 10 pm PST. At approximately 3 am PST in the morning I was awoken by a commotion in my bedroom involving my wife and daughter. I didn't investigate the matter and tried to return to sleep; however, my young daughter and wife failed to return to the…

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Devon UK residence baffled by strange UFO Sighting 12/29/16

UFO Sightings News 2016

Terrified musician says mysterious fiery UFO was Sighted floating in sky for 3 hrs before 'flying directly at him' he snapped these UFO Photos below.

UFO Sighting Devon UK 2016
THIS spectacular UFO Sighting left onlookers baffled when it soared through the skies wit…

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UFO Alien News A Vast Alien Communication Network Discovered.?

UFO Alien News 12/27/16: “This extraordinary finding either indicates an as yet unknown or unusual astronomical phenomenon, or it could indicate that this is a vast alien communication network, and the universe is teeming with intelligent life forms."

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Ansty, Nr Salisbury. CROP CIRCLE 12-8-2016

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***WANT TO SEE THIS FORMATION BEING HARVESTED CLICK HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…

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Alien "gray monster" in my the kitchen Dania Beach Florida 12/23/16

Last night my son was watching TV in the living room while I was in the bedroom. He came and told me that he saw a Alien "gray monster" in the kitchen. The monster peeped through the bar area and looked at him as he sat on the couch. He was very afraid. He said the monster was gray in color and did …

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Silver wing shaped UFO slowly disappeared from cloaking technology?

I was staring at the sky in Lebanon Ohio, and a large rectangular UFO object the size of several city blocks ,and shaped like a wing in structure, was sitting stationary in the sky. This UFO slowly turned on a cloaking mechanism that obscured its crystal clear appearance from the outside inward. The…

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Military Secret UFO Cover-up 1940-2016

It is not a secret that government and military secrets range from the frightening to the absurd, though most of them are anything but boring –something even…From Alien Contact to man-made UFO’s: 4 Declassified Secrets from the CIA and USA government -     Project 1974 military attempt…

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Latest UFO Sighting reflective cigar or cylinder UFO traveling in straight line 12/21/16

Taking a smoke break about 10:00 AM. Clear bright sky with several contrails typical of the morning flights that cross West Virginia. Observed two planes coming from the northeast at moderate altitude making contrail. Both planes were clearly visible and one had four engines which is rare these days…

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UFO Sighting reported Red/Orange UFOs flying in São Paulo Brazil that ejected other UFOs

UFO Sighting Orbs Sao Paulo Brazil

I was in a coworker's house near Vila Madalena metro station. The house is an apartment on the last floors of a building, so it has a wide view to west, northwest and north regions of the city (this is approximate) and to some mountains that surround the city. For what i can remember, between 9h…

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Latest UFO Sighting Reported over Centreville VA 12/20/16

UFO Sighting over Centreville, VA 12/20/16

I went outside to give my son driving lessons on a beautiful chilly blue sky sunny day when right before entering the driver's side of my vehicle, I noticed in the sky to my left an UFO slowly moving from left towards my direction flashing 2 extremely bright circular white lights. At first I tho…

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UFO Sighting was as bright and large as Venus Sun Valley CA 12/19/16

At approx 5:48 pm on Sunday 12/18/2016 , Sun Valley Ca. I observed a UFO, very bright white light/orb approx 2000-3000 ft over the Verdugo Mt coming from the North Shadow Hills area and heading South towards Glendale Ca. The UFO deemed and appeared to slowly veered direction towards the south/east o…

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Metal UFO came down out of clouds and split into two opposite directions Elverson PA 12/19/16

Elverson PA Metalic UFO Sighting

I let my dog out every morning, just after daybreak and my front porch faces North. I was sitting on porch and I heard this "jet sound" , just like the gas burner of a hot air balloon and i looked left, to the West and I seen this silver/gray circular UFO come down from this group of clouds. the…

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Barbara Lamb (06-21-2016) Meet The Hybrids ET "Alien" Ambassadors On Earth

BARBARA LAMB, M.S., MFT, CHT is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who specializes in regression therapy. She has assisted a few thousand people to the details of some of their previous lifetimes, and numerous other people to the details of their encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Since 1991…

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In an interview with best-selling author Alexis Brooks, an Alien researcher reveals her reasons for believing a new species of humans is living among us.    nolimitszone.com|By Johnn…

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"These Alien Beings Came Through The Walls" - My First ET Contact 2016

Lisa is a Intuitive Specialist and Transformational Coach with a busy practice in Idaho, USA, and internationally via Skype. Throughout her life Lisa recalls experiences with "Alien" Extraterrestrial beings on many different levels of contact. Some are of a physical, 3-Dimensional level, experienced…

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