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Very thin white shiny disc/cigar shaped UFO Sighting to the west traveling north Stowmarket GB 11/19/16

UFO Cylinder Goshen NY 2016

Photo Taken over Goshe New York 2016

Rattlesden, Suffolk, UK, Mitchery lane,(Brettenham road end),out walking alone, heading north,quiet road, fields either side. Not sure what made me look to the west- it was a very reflective UFO, so perhaps it just caught my eye.There's a gliding club in t…

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UFO Sighting 4-5 times the brightness and size of Venus followed aircraft for 25 minutes Chicago 11/18/16

Airline UFO Sighting Chicago IL 111816

Wife and I were on flight AA 1329 seat 5 A,B from San Juan to Chicago when at approximately one hour from landing a very bright "UFO" light was observed off our aircraft left side slightly behind and above a straight line of view out the window. Our altitude was approximately 36000 feet with a s…

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Alleged Proof Russia Shot down UFO in Tien Shan Mountains

Allegedly Russian radar picked up a huge UFO craft and sent 2 mig's after it. they fired warning shots from a distance with no response. then they were ordered to move in and take it out. on approach their missile systems failed and their engines followed. they retreated back to base and the radar t…

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UFO Sighting 4 Bright Barbell Shaped units no sound no jet stream Wilmington VT 7/13/16

UFO Sightings Bar Bell Shape Wilmington VT 71316

On July 12 at 1920 h r s . I an friend's we're jet skiing on the Harrimins Reservoir in Southern VT. As plain as day I spotted a UFO in the sky overhead I pointed it out to my wife an scrambled to get a photo. We attempted to use my phone but the battery died on us at this point I lost sight of …

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Called down a UFO that was sighted over Veracruz Airport by thousands of individuals Aug.12th 2012

Blue UFO Sightings Florida 2012
AUGUST 12, 2012. CRAFT CALLED DOWN BY MY WIFE AND SEEN BY 8 FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS IN 2 CARS. The next day after my wife called down a craft that was seen over Veracruz Airport by thousands of individuals, at the baptism party on Sunday, August 12, 2012 in the afternoon, the UF…

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UFO Alien ET Contact Underground Network what is it?

UNDERGROUND UFO Alien Contact 2016

Contact Underground. What is it?
Joseph Burkes MD 2016

It is the worldwide network of contact workers that are actively engaging the intelligence behind the flying saucer "UFO" phenomenon. Working in groups, we use rudimentary psi techniques to communicate with UFO intelligence in or…

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UFO triangular or diamond-shaped growing in size over lake

“Dawn arrived, and Swann saw a fog developing over the lake. This went on for five minutes, until the fog developed a luminous neon-blue color. Then, according to Swann, the color changed to an “angry purple” Axelrod and one of the twins each placed a hand firmly on Swann’s shoulders while “a netw…

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Bright white spherical or blimp shaped UFO slowly ascended New York 11/17/16

New York UFO Sightings News Video

I observed a bright white spherical or blimp shaped UFO slowly ascend near a single cloud in otherwise blue sky at a fairly slow speed. The UFO caught my attention because while it appeared to be far away it was clearly not a typical aircraft with wings or tail. It appeared to ascend slowly for …

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Christina Engelhardt (11-15-2016) Contactee Tells Her Amazing Story

From the time Christina was a little girl, she knew she was different, and so did her grandmother. From as young as 6 years of age, Christina recalls being tutored by her grandmother in the art of palm and tarot reading. And as a little girl, Christina knew she was meant to do this work. 


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Ex-government diplomat sensationally confirms 'aliens and UFOs are REAL during summit

A FORMER government diplomat has sent shock waves through the paranormal community after apparently confirming, not only intelligent Aliens exist, but they visit earth in UFOs. Shi-Li Sun, a former Chinese diplomat turned UFO researcher, gave the incredible disclosure during a summit looking at th…

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Alien UFOs are "watching us" 2016

Alien UFOs are ‘watching us and could arrive on Earth in the next 20 years’ Erich von Daniken, author of infamous book Chariots of the Gods, claims extraterrestrials UFO Aliens will arrive in the coming decades …Erich von Daniken, 82, sparked controversy when he published the work in 1968. T…

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The Impact of the Coming Extraterrestrials UFO Alien Disclosure 2016

So here I sit at 37,000 feet breathing recycled air for the ninth time in three months pondering my ...The Impact of the Coming UFO Alien Extraterrestrials Disclosure  existence upon this blue sphere and what precisely I am doing here. I have come to two immediate conclusions: the firs…

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 A little-known US Navy agency employing some of the nation’s top information technology experts has been selectively monitoring websites that carry articles that relate to UFO crashes, Roswell and other news. ETUPDATES.COM credit Tj Morris  http://t.co/0n3tAdfC7Ovia @#ETUPDATES


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Stanton Friedman challenged the science community on the existence of UFOs

"Data, numbers and logic are the cards in this fact-vs-fiction game, and Friedman insisted that the rules used are straight and consistent. “People ask the wrong questions,” he said. “The question isn't ‘Is every UFO somebody's spacecraft?" The answer is ‘Of course not.’ The real question is, "Are a…

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airline UFO Sightings

Back in the 1990s Captain Joe Vallejo was one of the founding members of our Los Angeles CE-5 team. With over 20 years experience as a commercial jet pilot, he was a great asset to our investigations. Like many airline pilots, he and his entire crew had a sighting while in the air. It was a dayl…

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Three UFOs Using Night Vision Technology Nevada Las Vegas 11/16/16

I shot this UFO Sighting video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of November 15, 2016. I wanted to get the video I shot last night out the same night. To do that I had to increase the speed up on the night vision portion by five times because it takes so long t…

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A Porter airlines flight crew had to take evasive action to avoid a UFO Pickering Ontario CA 11/14/16

A Porter airlines flight crew had to take evasive action to avoid a Unidentified Flying Object "UFO", as the plane approached Toronto's downtown airport on Monday morning 11/14/16. 

None of the 54 passengers on board were injured during the incident, now being investigated by the Transportation …

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The UFO appeared to be under control in its flight path Beeton Ontario CA 8/15/14

My wife and I were relaxing in our family room with the sliding door open one summer in the evening just before dusk it was a beautiful clear evening the sun was just going down. All of a sudden my wife yelled at me to come quick pointing to the sky asking me "what's that"? I said a UFO as I observe…

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Roswell 1947 UFO Crash new revelations surface

Roswell 1947 UFO Contact

This is a report of an interview conducted of a person who was at the Roswell UFO crash site. I am a retired engineer. I joined the staff of the then new campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz. There were several sightings of UFO's in the mountains behind the campus in 1969 and rep…

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Why would UFO Intelligence “hoax” shooting star displays?

shooting star ufo sightings 2016

In the course of fieldwork sky-watchers, both in contact teams and by themselves, have observed bizarre visual displays of what appear to be shooting stars. These sightings are anomalous because ordinary meteors do not change direction in flight, do zigzags, fly upwards or even straight horizont…

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