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UFO Sighting cloudy day abnormal cloud formations appearing suddenly Brooklyn New York 10/9/16

UFO Sighting New York City October 2016 Disk Shape

It is a very cloudy day, with some abnormal cloud formations appearing suddenly and moving very quickly in the foreground. My girlfriend and I were looking at some odd cloud formations that seemed out of the ordinary to us, and they were moving VERY quickly. I was looking further across where th…

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August.25 2012 UFO Sightings Florida graphic

On August 25, 2012, I saw my own huge UFO craft hovering less than 50 feet away from me and I have been thinking about this experience EVERY DAY since I saw it. The most important item to retain in this quick summary is that I specifically called this object-- it did not just mysteriously ap…

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Three UFO Sightings of Craft During 3 Minutes Lees Summit MO U.S. 9/26/16

UFO Sightings Lees Summit MO 9/26/16

On Monday September 26, 2016 at 3:15 pm, I decided to take some random videos over the treetops behind the house which overlooks Blue Springs Lake. This is because I had once again been noticing fleeting and very momentary fractions of a second of movements up, down, right and left. If one pays …

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UFO Sightings over La Meridian Hotel in Charlotte NC. 10/15/16

A Charlotte man posted a video on YouTube of what he believes to be a UFO sighting in Charlotte. The viral video was shot outside of the Le Meridien hotel in Uptown Charlotte. WCNC.COM|BY TEGNA credit Frank Stalter  

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The POSITIVE METAMORPHOSIS of UFO Alien Contact Experiencers 2016

UFO Alien News 2016

Probably the most important finding of our FREE Experiencer Research Study is the complete transformation of individuals that have had contact with UFO related non-human intelligence which resulted in a NEW POSITIVE psychological profile of the Experiencer. Here is what our survey of more than 3…

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UFO Sighting of Crystal Clear Triangle shapes in Clouds Passing Overhead VA 8/8/16

In good weather this time of year, I go solo camping often in the Jefferson-Geo. Washington National Forest, part of which spans SW Virginia. I've done this numerous times and rarely see another human being. Depending on weather, etc., I usually stay for a week. On 8 August 2016, my campsite was del…

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Mystery UFO Alien Sighting Falkville Metal man photo 1973

Falkville UFO Alien metal man 1973

THE FALKVILLE METAL MAN - October 17, 1973 - Falkville, Alabama. While investigating a reported UFO sighting, Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw encounters and photographs a man in a metallic suit on a country road just outside of town. He takes four Polaroid pictures before the being "leaps" away acros…

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There was a tiny UFO ship with tiny people & robotic looking Alien in my bedroom

UFO Alien In Bedroom Texas

It was about 3 to 4 am I couldn't sleep as usual. I closed my eyes let me say this. I've, in the last couple of years realized that I have Spiritual gifts. So all it takes, usually is for me to close my eyes and I see many things. So normally, I kinda look at things and pray …

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Initially dismissed the UFO Sighting as airborne rubbish (plastic) Sanctuary Point AU 10/11/16

Sanctuary Point AU UFO Cylinder Sighting 101116

Last Tuesday, October 11, 2016, I was outdoors working in the yard, when I became aware of an UFO in the sky which was at great height, it was also star bright against the blue of a perfectly clear midday. At first I was inclined to dismiss the anomaly as a plastic bag or balloon, as it seemed t…

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Coyne Helicopter UFO Sighting Incident 1973

On October 18, 1973 over nearby Mansfield, Ohio, Flying in the skies east of Mansfield, Ohio (near Mifflin) at around 10:30 p.m., Army Reserve Captain Lawrence Coyne and the crew of his UH-1H helicopter nearly collided with a large, dark-gray, cigar-shaped UFO with red and white lights. After th…

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Latest UFO Sighting 10/16/16 above Rotterdam The Netherlands

I was watching the rising of the Hunters Blood Moon with my 5 year old son. When we sighted the UFO’s flying. We all got excited and watched it with the entire family. After observing for a couple of minutes I decided to run downstairs and grab my camera. Well you can now…

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Major Donald Keyhoe UFO Sightings Evidence

Donald Edward Keyhoe was one of the most prominent people in the world of UFOs in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. His influence on ufology was great. What UFO crash story did Donald Keyhoe find credible? Asked about reports of crashed saucers and little bodies: "Yes, but nothing that crashed w…

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From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever made about UFOs 

Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films…

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Strange Signals from 234 stars could be Alien ET

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Alien ET Signals

Hypothesis that this signature must be the result of extraterrestrial intelligent life 234 distinct civilizations are beaming pulses of the same periodicity (roughly 1.65 picoseconds) toward the Earth.

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UFO Sightings and Celebrities

” I was driving across the Arizona badlands in an old car when suddenly the engine died. I got out and started to lift the hood when I noticed a tremendous circular UFO in the sky, hurtling into the distance at an incredible speed, giving off color waves first green and then orange. It made two righ…

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UFO Sightings? Odd Shaped Object appears hovering over Dayton Ohio Video

Dayton Ohio UFO Sighting over Military Base 2016

Video of a strange UFO Sighting in the sky near a military base in Dayton, Ohio, had the Internet buzzing Sunday over whether it was a UFO, "Fox & Friends" reported.

“This UFO looks like it’s moving with the clouds,” a woman is heard saying on the video. The 13-minute YouTube video appears t…

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CE-5 UFO ET Spiritual Global Contact Event Oct 2016

CE5 SAN DIEGO Global Event Oct. 1, 2016 had Links to Rahma, Shasta, Native American Teachings, and Lessons in Consciousness. by Rae Dove

Under the dark veil of the night and crystal clear Milky Way, in a clearing completely surrounded by hills, oak trees, and sage brush in the South…

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UFO Sighting shape changing multi directional white UFO 4 fighter jets flew overhead Canton GA

On 10.11.2016, at approximately 12:00 pm noon, I arrived at my home in a subdivision in Canton, GA. I noticed 4 large jet trails in the sky above my neighborhood. I thought that they must be from some jets or planes. I was looking up to see if I could see the jets that made the white lines in the sk…

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'UFO' sighting brings traffic to a standstill in China

Bizarre footage has emerged from China of a "UFO Sighting" that brought traffic on a major road to a standstill. 'UFO' sighting brings traffic to a standstill The video, filmed Guangzhou, Guangdong Province on April 8, shows people getting out of their cars to catch a glimpse of the unident…

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Project Blue Book file film of Alien interviewed in 1964

UFO / ET DISCLOSURE "Disclosure" is the name given to the announcement by various world governmental leaders that we are not alone in the universe and that, in fact, many races of galactic beings are here around this planet and have been for some time. They are here on peaceful missions, a fact whic…

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