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Pentagon in Crisis Over UFO Debris Disclosure

Retrieved UFO debris study is being conducted under the cover of advanced weapons and aerospace materials research programs. This use of scientists within the private sector and in academia to learn more about UFO Alien ET-related technical matters has long been suspected by many UFO researchers. And the reply received by the DIA now confirms this. The scientists given grants to work on this research and to generate these reports do not know (nor should they know) the extraterrestrial impetus or origin of their work. Much of their work represents the continuation of work begun decades before they were even born." credit Frank Stalter  UFO Explorations | Pentagon in Crisis Over UFO Debris Disclosure
UFO Explorations | Pentagon in Crisis Over UFO Debris Disclosure

Roswell UFO Debris Created Our Advanced Tech

UFO News: Anthony Bragalia, UFO Sighting researcher wrote that the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) did not deny the fact that the military recovered the wreckage from the UFO crash site in New Mexico, 1947. It has been revealed officially that the material of the UFO was given to the DIA for analysis, and its properties did not match any material known to man (Including Memory Metal, Metamaterial, described as highly-engineered material, not found in nature). HOWANDWHYS.COM  Biggest Reveal: US Govt Admitted Testing Roswell UFO Debris To Create Advanced Technology  credit Chet Dembeck

Biggest Reveal: US Govt Admitted Testing Roswell UFO Debris To Create Advanced Technology

Tunguska Siberia Explosion 1908 Possible UFO

Recently released CIA documents reveal that top Russian scientists came to the conclusion through radiation testing and carefully revisiting eyewitness accounts that the catastrophic Tunguska Meteor explosion in Siberia was, in fact, an exploding UFO

Sibir newspaper, 2 July 1908: Tunguska Siberia Explosion UFO Sighting Eyewitness Report:

On the morning of 17th of June, around 9:00, we observed an unusual natural occurrence. In the north Karelinski village (213 km (132 mi)) north of Kirensk] the peasants saw to the northwest, rather high above the horizon, some strangely bright (impossible to look at) bluish-white heavenly body, which for 10 minutes moved downwards. The body appeared as a "pipe", i.e., a cylinder "UFO Sighting". The sky was cloudless, only a small dark cloud was observed in the general direction of the bright body. It was hot and dry. As the body neared the ground (forest), the bright body seemed to smudge, and then turned into a giant billow of black smoke, and a loud knocking (not thunder) was heard as if large stones were falling, or artillery was fired. All buildings shook. At the same time the cloud began emitting flames of uncertain shapes. All villagers were stricken with panic and took to the streets, women cried, thinking it was the end of the world. The author of these lines was meantime in the forest about 6 versts [6.4 km] north of Kirensk and heard to the north east some kind of artillery barrage, that repeated in intervals of 15 minutes at least 10 times. In Kirensk in a few buildings in the walls facing north-east window glass shook. CIA Documents Reveal Russian Scientists Believed Tunguska Meteor Was Exploding UFO - Unknown Boundaries

CIA Documents Reveal Russian Scientists Believed Tunguska Meteor Was Exploding UFO - Unknown Boundaries

UFO Sightings Theory Gravitational Lensing Physics

UFO Sighting or UAP video from the 2013 Homeland Security sighting in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico shows a gravitational lensing effect, which offers insights into "UFO" UAP propulsion and explains distortions in the visible shape & size of UAPs in reported UFO sightings. In this interview, we’re joined by Thor, the creator of https://www.uaptheory.com​, which has been rapidly gaining popularity by providing a detailed analysis of UFO Sighting footage along with a theory that explains how a UAP might fly by traveling along a geodesic of warped space. His model offers insights into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena propulsion, high-G accelerations, and inertia, by explaining that UFO Sightings can maneuver at sharp angles at high speeds because they move on geodesics and are in zero G.

Thor indicates that the same "warp bubble" that enables the remarkable UAP performance characteristics that have been reported is also likely to create distortions to UAP appearance especially during maneuvers, when the gravitational envelope is manipulated to change direction. Modulations in this gravitational envelope may allow the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena to become completely invisible by redirecting light around the craft, thus obscuring its appearance. In addition to redirecting light around the craft, the warp-bubble may be capable of redirecting the path of matter such as air, water, and high-energy particles as well. This would protect the UAP in space from radiation & micro-meteorites and prevent drag & heating in the atmosphere. The same technology may also enable the UAP to seamlessly transition from air to water at high speed, as seen in several UFO Sighting videos. Thor has a B.Sc. in astrophysics & an M.Sc. in geophysics, and is becoming a online authority on the UAP phenomenon as a result of his detailed event analysis & predictions, which are firmly based on conventional & established models of physics. His website is affiliated with the SCU - the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, which seeks to provide science-based insights into this UFO Sightings phenomenon. https://www.americanantigravity.com

              Two Black UFO Saucers

Strange Worm Like UFO Sighting Caught on Video

WITNESS: "I was taking video of the moon on a nice day with my Nikon p900 camera when this black large object appeared in my video don't have a clue what it is"  UFO Video South Shields GB 2/25/21

UFO Sighting of several craft all on the same flight path

It was night time in the small town where I was living and I needed to take my dog out before bed. I left my parents house and headed for the Scandinavian Heritage Park. About 10 minutes or less into the walk I saw the first UFO Sighting. It was night time and it was cloudy but I could barely still see the clouds and the dim reflection of the lights in the city. The first UFO Sighting was the biggest and it was Chevron or Boomerang shaped with a Large Round Bulge near the point like a cockpit maybe. I couldn't believe it but I was excited. And I remember feeling disappointed that no one would be able to witness it with me. UFO Sighting moved from west to east directly over head It made no noise. I was able to observe it for about 30 seconds. It was a Dull Grey color with no lights. It was a bit hard to see in low light but I'm certain of it. I decided to keep my eye in the sky. After a few minutes I saw another one with the exact same trajectory. West to east. But with a different elevation. Again I was able to observe the craft for about 30 seconds. A few more moments past and I saw another. All moving the same direction. I decided to call my buddy and tell him about it. I continued the walk and eventually returned the dog home. Then I went back out to continue watching, as the craft kept coming, one at a time west to east. Dull Grey Boomerang Noiseless. This is when my friend Sammy joined me. I had walked across the street to the schools soccer field. And he caught up with me there. Up until now I had only seen the UFO Sightings one at a time a few moments apart. At this point they started coming more quickly or with less space between. Not quite like they were in formation but close. They were all traveling west to east. Some were a little more north or south than the others and the elevations were all different. The first was the biggest. It was maybe 8-10 inches across as observed from the ground. The others were smaller. Varying sizes/ elevations. We did what we could to capture pictures but our smart phones just couldn't pick them up in low light conditions. I could see more than their shape. I could see the dull grey skin. I could see that these were actual physical craft. I was able to observe each one for about 30 seconds. the entire encounter lasted between 30 and 45 minutes. I was able to observe approximately 2 dozen crafts. I lost count when they started showing up together. 3-4 in the sky all at once. Coming in intervals every couple minutes. mufon cms# 11847 Minot North Dakota 11/01/20 This Region has had 196 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Boomerang shaped UFO Sighting

Floating Hovering Reflective UFO Sighting Reported

I was alerted by my wife of UFO Sighting floating above us at about 1:44 pm Casa Grande Feb 22, 2021 UFO Sighting was headed ne very slowly then stop floated around in small area of sky less than football field 10000 feet looked to me like a balloon my wife thought reflective watched UFO Sighting float around like feather while my wife went to get camera UFO appeared to get lower turn soft white like cotton ball wife came back out couldn't find in view took picture of nothing I saw UFO float straight up flatten out turn silver and vanish we have date on blank photo thought strange after hearing about pilots account also looked up on internet to see if other saw it right after but no one is talking saw two planes when I witness this next day Blackhawks. mufon cms# 113832 Casa Grande Arizona 2/22/21 Region has had 3,516 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO floating sphere

UFO Sighting with Square Red Lights Reported

I live on a marsh Branford Connecticut I happen to wake up midnight to one am and I could not believe my eyes. UFO Sighting was stationary on tree top across marsh just siting there for 5 min. I did not feel nervous or I did not grab my phone which is so out of character for me always taking pictures. Anyways behind is just a marsh not sure it moved out after a moment. Strangest I have not told many about the incident because it seems crazy  but I do believe this had occurred. The date is January 8 to 9th 2021. I just found out about mufon so I decided to let you know. The marsh behind me is surrounded by water on both sides it connects to land but currently no one living there but a future home is being built. The UFO Sighting was huge like a UFO with Square Red Lights. Anyways I did not feel at harm but maybe I should of called local police or something. I recently lost a dear friend that said he was abducted I had this feeling that he is with his friends and he wanted to see where I was. Now why in the world in the middle of night would that be my first thought they are out there and I hope I am right they mean no harm. with his friends. mufon cms#113665 Branford Connecticut 2/12/21 Region has had 873 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Red Saucer Shaped UFO


The close UFO Sighting encounter involving Calvin Parker & Charles Hickson took place on the Pascagoula River, Mississippi on October 11th 1973. The full details can be found in Calvin parker's two books. Just a few weeks later on November 6th, another bizarre event took place in the very same river. This time it was the sighting of a USO, yes, something under the water. This time 9 local fishermen along with members of the US Coast Guard saw the object under the water and even managed to hit it. Attached is some of the official documents on this event. Recently Dr. Irena Scott interviewed one of the civilian witnesses. In the official documentation a tape recording is mentioned. This is a tape recording of the eye witnesses statements. Wonder if that tape still exists http://flyingdiskpress.blogspot.com/  Credit Philip Mantle.
Pascagoula UFO Incident Navy Memo 1973_3.jpg    Pascagoula UFO Incident Navy Memo 1973_2.jpg   Pascagoula UFO Incident Navy Memo 1973

Alien Sirens Came Calling

Here is an interesting tale of celebrity astrologer in Australia during the 1930s and 1940s, who took up a deep interest in flying saucers, was a hostess, of sorts, to George Adamski's visit to Australia, allegedly was involved in multiple witness psychic predictions of UFO Sighting appearances, got caught up in a saucer contact circle - "the Nucleus of Five", then started a Contact connection with Aliens from Mykal, then started predicting big geological turmoil. Its a strange & wild tale. 

theozfiles: June Marsden: "Alien Sirens came calling"

June Marsden: "Alien Sirens came calling"
Research, investigations & commentary from Bill Chalker, author of "The OZ Files - the Australian UFO Story" (1996), "Hair of the Alien - DNA and Other Forensic Evidence for Alien Abductions" (2005) and Australian chapter author of the UFO History Group's foundational reference work "UFOs and Government. Read more at TheOZfiles

Project Magnet Wilbert Smith Canadian UFO Researcher

Wilbert B. Smith was one of the pioneers in UFO Sighting research and investigation. An article here for those unfamiliar with his life and work.
Wilbert Smith was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, in 1910. He graduated from the University of British Columbia, with degrees in electrical engineering. He worked as the chief engineer for radio station CJOR in Vancouver. By 1939 Wilbert Smith was working for the federal Department of Transport. Smith believed UFO Sightings were linked to psychic phenomena and believed himself to be in contact with extraterrestrial beings who communicated to him through telepathy. Smith wrote a number of articles for Topside, the publication of the Ottawa New Sciences Club which he founded, outlining the philosophy of the "Space Brothers" with whom he claimed to be in contact. The articles were later collected and published posthumously in 1969 under the title The Boys from Topside. Credit Grant Smales.

Project Magnet – Wilbert Smith – Canadian UFO Researcher

Telepathically interacted with Boomerang UFO while on walk

While on my walk this morning (around big canyon), I saw a Dark UFO fly overheard heading n/ne. At first I thought it was a hawk as there are hawks all around my area. I kept watching it and realized it was way too big to be a hawk, so I stopped walking to watch it. It flew n/ne towards John Wayne Airport. UFO Sighting appeared to be triangular in shape at first glance. as it went towards the airport, I asked, in my mind, for it to turn around and come back towards me. As soon as I thought that, it immediately turned towards me. As it turned it went invisible, but as it completed the turn, it became visible again. It headed straight towards me (at roughly 60â°), and as it got closer, that is when I saw that it wasn't a triangle, but actually a boomerang shaped craft. It was solid black. It continued to fly by me (S/SW) and disappeared behind some trees. I asked for it to come back again, and within a minute or two, it flew by me (again about 60â°) heading e. again, I asked it to come back towards me and as soon as I asked, in my mind, it turned around and came back towards me. I asked it to fly right by me (about 75â°), which it did. Again, it disappeared behind some trees. That was the last time I saw it. Within a few minutes, I saw a helicopter flying off in the direction I last saw the boomerang craft heading. I know the boomerang craft was responding to my requests. The entire UFO Sighting encounter remained within a 5 mile radius above me and lasted about 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures or video as I wanted to remain in the moment with the UFO Sighting. mufon cms# 113775 Newport Beach California 2-22-21 Region has had 11,310 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Image below is only a depiction of a  craft.

Boomer Rang Shaped UFO

Arctic UFO Sightings Photographs 1971 USS Trepang

Briefly these Northern Atlantic UFO Sighting photo's need to be more widely investigated for they look like incredible images of Unidentified Flying Object's filmed in the Arctic originated from the USS Trepang, SSN 674 and were taken in March 1971. The following case was made available thanks to John Greenewald from "The Black Vault" who in turn received the incredible images from researcher Alex Mistretta.

Artic USS Trepang UFO Sighting Photo 1971

Stranger Then You Think! Inside a UFO Alien Craft

UFO News: Clifford Stone has inside information on UFOs because he has been inside them. During his time with the special operations program, there were times Clifford Stone was ordered to enter alien craft. He explains that there was no way to know what to expect. Many times, it was scary. He describes many of the craft he has seen, from the outside, and the inside. He says that within many of them, it is like entering an alternate reality. Follow this link https://bit.ly/SecretSpaceProgram_EXP...​ to Watch over 130 Episodes of Gaia's Mind-Blowing Series Cosmic Disclosure.

Clifford Stone UFOs are real

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