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Numerous UFOs appears around thunder storm video

UFOs love electrical storms!!! I have caught numerous UFO sightings from my balcony over looking the ocean. I think this is by far one of my best. i need to make a few points about this video I am using a night vision full spectrum Sionyx sport camera. None of this including the flashes were visible to the eye using high power binoculars, as there were 2 of us observing the sky at the same time! I was observing two stationary UFOs when about half way through the video a fleet just appears from nowhere, and moves across the sky at a high rate of speed! my friend with the high powered binoculars did not see a thing! there was much more activity that night but my sim card reach max capacity and I could no longer record! The fleet appears approx. half way through the video! enjoy! mufon cms# 11721 Atlantic City NJ 7/29/21. This Region has had 1,889 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here to view Atlantic City UFO Sighting Video

Telepathic Communication Golden Tic Tac UFO

This happened around when I was 8 years old. I'm unsure exactly how old I was somewhere between 7 - 9 yrs seems about right so if I was 8 it would have been 1995. I've never written about this experience until now. I grew up in a standard four bedroom suburban house at the end of a cul de sac. we had a small garden out front & mid sized garden out back which led into an allotments behind it. The memory begins with me sitting on the carpeted floor of my families living room, sitting next to the sliding glass patio doors which led out onto the front garden. I don't want to say "I heard a voice in my head" as I don't remember a specific voice but it was closer to an "injected thought" that was clearly not my own saying "look out of the window". Without hesitation, without a hint of apprehension or concern I calmly pulled back the curtain corner draping down over the left side of the patio window & looked up. In a crystal clear blue sky, hovering up & to the right above my families house was a large golden UFO Sighting. When I pulled back the curtain & saw the golden UFO I had no reference point as an 8 year old, I'd never heard of UFO's or had thoughts of such things. I remember thinking very calmly & inquisitively verbatim, "what is that? it's not a helicopter". The large golden UFO was hovering at a 10 degree angle between mine & our neighbors house  just above roof top height. I'd say it was around the length of 3 - 4 family cars, oval shape, like an American football but more squashed down. It was silent. It was glowing this intense golden yellow color almost as golden as the sun. You'd think an object giving off that level of intensity of glow would hurt to look at, that you would need to squint your eyes but it didn't hurt to look at at-all. The memory ends a few seconds after I said to myself, "what is that? it's not a helicopter". Five to ten second memory of the full encounter in total. The weird thing is, not only have I recently remembered this event happening to me I'm now 33yrs old, but I don't remember "re-remembering" the UFO Sighting event at all. When I think back to the event, to the memory it's like it's always been with me, a memory from when i was 8 years old. but the memory could not have always been with me as I've never tolled any friends, x-girlfriends or family about it & I'm not the type of person to shy away from telling anyone about what I saw & the communication I had which I believe came from occupants of the UFO craft. I think I must have remembered the memory in the last 6 months, but again I don't remember "re-remembering" the memory just feels like its always been with me. mufon cms# 117124 Chesterton England UK. 09/01/95. This region has had 2,402 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Tic Tac UFO Sighting Caught on Video CA

My daughter and her Aunt were traveling southbound on the i-101 southbound near fair oaks exit #394 in Santa Clara, CA. on or around 5:33pm. My daughter caught footage of the UFO Sighting event with her cell phone camera. The UFO Sighting seemed to hover or wobble and was traveling very swiftly. UFO disappeared and could not be seen anymore. Click Here to view Sunnydale California UFO Sighting Video  mufon cms# 117112 Sunnydale California 7/29/21. This Region has had 11,628 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Tic Tac UFO Formation

UFO Sighting moving clockwise and counterclockwise B.C

I was at work on Texada Island B.C. It was around 11:30pm I turn off my tower drill and got out for my ride back to the top shop to finish shift at midnight. While waiting I decided to look up as I usually do and noticed an UFO Sighting to the southwest flying left to right and I just thought it was a satellite unit it stopped and made an abrupt turn and went directly up. Then it moved right again. It then turned around back to the left instantly. Then it turned back around again and started making maneuvers faster than any jet could ever. While making these maneuvers you could see it getting closer to where I was at. I know where I was standing I was 600 feet above see level cause the benches at work are measured in feet above sea level. So it had to been a couple thousand feet up or more. Then it got to a point you could see the light coming from the center of the UFO Sighting but when it turned you could see it had thin wings and very small lights coming from them. The lights on the wings where not blinking flashing light from a jet or any other plane. These where very odd lights and made no sense. The center light was very big and round in the front. I watched it go left right up down clockwise and counterclockwise for at least ten minutes all with no sound coming from it. It was as if it was trying to avoid something or it was searching or a joy ride of sorts. I did also notice a meteor flash too while this was all taking place. I then noticed my ride was close so I got ready and leave the area I was at. Then when I got to the top shop as we call it I couldn't see the UFO anymore as if it disappeared. I said nothing cause I know nobody would of believed me. So I then got home it's a 5 minute drive from work. I then looked up again and I could see a very bright light slowly moving in a circular pattern clockwise. It was very big and quiet. The lights coming off this UFO Sighting where a yellowish light from one side then a bright white light on the other side. You could see that it was looking for something cause it had a light or laser coming from it. It didn't come all the way to the ground but a fair distance off of it it to make it noticeable. It would move for a couple seconds then stop and repeat this repeatedly for as long as I watched it. While this was happening a bunch of meteor flashes happened 4 times to be exact. I then had to go inside cause I was getting freaked out and I was by myself. I didn't notice any loss of time or anything but definitely ft. I have to go inside. I know what I seen cause this isn't my first time seeing UFOs or something weird happening around me. mufon cms# 117114 Van Anda British Columbia 7/29/21. This region as had 1,042 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Multi Colored UFO Sauce

Shiny Silver Cigar-Shaped UFO Sighting Canada

At about 6 am I was taking my dog out and I observed a Shiny Silver Cigar-Shaped UFO Sighting low in the sky just above the trees. It seemed to be reflecting the sun. I found it strange that it was so low in the sky and appeared to have no wings and making no noise. I kept watching this UFO Sighting in amazement and it seemed to be hovering and floating and not flying. It was moving slowly southeast. I live near a military base and police training facility and I've seen other unexplained aerial phenomena in this area that I have never reported. mufon cms# 117096 Chilliwack British Columbia Canada 7/23/21. This Region has had 1,041 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Pink Oval Shaped Luminous UFO Sighting Wisconsin

While biking on a clear night under a full moon I had a UFO Sighting of a Pink Oval-Shaped, luminous object, it was as moving from right to left at a moderate speed, and then switched directions at an astonishing speed. It way that it changed directions and went almost to warp leaving behind a trail of light was jarring and surprising. I'm unaware of any conventional vehicle or aerial phenomena it could be. I also did see a black helicopter earlier while biking but didn't think much of it even though the location I was biking in was rather rural. I was with one other person but not sure they saw the UFO Sighting. The whole event lasted only 5-6 seconds but was still extremely memorable. mufon cms# 117076 Albany Wisconsin U.S 7/24/21. This Region has had 1,365 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Sighting encounter with a large triangular craft Louisiana

This UFO Sighting encounter took place from a vehicle stopped at a stop sign on Jean Lafitte pkwy near Chalmette Vista at approximately 9pm CST on the night of July 21st 2021. A large craft that appeared to be of triangular shape flat and long, not pyramid-like with green lights on visible corners. I could see 2 from the angle I was at and an extremely bright blueish-white hued, sequentially flashing beacon on the underside. Came flying from the south east headed north west towards the general direction of the 9th ward at a very fast speed and relatively low altitude I would guess under 5000 feet. The UFO Sighting was making what could best be described as a sweeping motion, keeping its general direction consistent but "sweeping" from left to right as it continued forward. The craft was visible almost directly in front of me for about 10-15 seconds. As it continued into the horizon it did not appear to increase its altitude, and the beacon stayed visible for at least another 20-30 seconds. One of the most interesting and alarming things for me about this UFO Sighting was that it was completely silent. I tried at first to rationalize it as a plane of some kind, but something flying at that speed and altitude would have certainly made some kind of noise. mufon cms# 117029 Chalmette Louisiana 7/21/21 This Region has had 876 Reported UFO Sighting reports to date. 

Unknown UFO Sighting Encounters Puerto Rico

SETI members know much more than they say publicly about the UFO issue.
The UFO Sighting encounters described here took place in the area of the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico, and is an example of a good number of similar events related to the presence of UFO Sightings in that radio astronomical research center.
In the summer of year 1989 exact date not available Mr. Víctor Agueda, a resident in the Hato Viejo sector of Arecibo, observed one night at about 12:30 a.m. the apparition of a large oval light in the sky. The aforementioned light was, according to him, white and as bright as the light of an electric arc welding.
The 'light' grew in size and suddenly a circular area of yellowish light appeared in its center and a bright opening formed in it, from which six spherical-shaped light UFOs came out. After leaving the light mass the six objects took a vertical position in the sky and descended, one by one, on a mountain adjoining the Radio Observatory, disappearing there. After that, the opening in the large light mass in the sky closed and the light mass began to wane off slowly and decrease in size until it completely dematerialized and disappeared.
What Mr. Agueda described is compatible with the manifestation of an apparent cosmic portal or time-space or dimensional wormhole, and the event occurred alongside the facilities of the Arecibo Radio Observatory, so security personnel employees and scientists in that research center must have seen the event occur.
As a matter of fact, we have testimonies from Security Service employees in the Radio Observatory who revealed several UFO Sighting  incidents in that location. There have been UFO Sighting events with large sized cylindrical objects, large flying saucers, spherical UFOs, large triangle-shaped crafts and luminous UFOs, etc.
Neighbors from nearby Esperanza sector, Hato Viejo sector, Dominguito sector and others alongside road #129, have witnessed many such events. Recently, Mr. John Gertz, ex director of SETI, said that extraterrestrial aliens existed, and were already in our solar system, waiting for the correct moment to make contact with us. Was he aware of the events mentioned here? credit J.M.Miranda
Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico

UFO Sighting Video Erratic Flipping Octagon Object

I have been having different UFO Sightings of the same object 4 times, since early June 2021. Each UFO Sighting incident was recorded on video. I was leaving relatives' house in Grayslake Gages Lake Illinois area at 12:12 am and as I was pulling out, saw the familiar brilliant star-like UFO in the se sky. I turned on my video recorder on my I-phone which confirmed it was the same UFO seen 3 times up near the Wisconsin border. I asked my relative to look at it she could see the "star/object" but her phone could not take video in the dark. To the naked eye, it is a bright beautiful star or planet. When photographing or video-recording it is a totally different video. Zooming in shows a glowing white, flashing, pulsating orb, tumbling and spinning, moving erratically, in many different directions. There were flashes of many different colors from the object itself and what could be circles of individual lights on the underside. The UFO Sighting has an octagon-like shape from some angles and geometric shapes at other angles. It must be very high in the sky, as I still saw it in the sky, from the next-town over to the east Gurnee and could still see the object, 15 miles northwest, when I arrived back home and took one last look around 3:25 am, high up in the sky to the south. mufon cms# 116986 Grayslake Illinois 7/20/21 This Region has had 2,774 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

To View the Grayslake Illinois UFO Sighting Video Click Here

UFO Sighting Video Captured over Stuart Florida

I have seen and recorded previous unknown UAPs that behaved similarly with regard to formation and under intelligent control. I have even seen what I believe to be a non human Alien entity walking at night these events are around 2010 in Jupiter. I was out last night in my back yard with an infrared image intensifier and a laser, and observed 7-17-21, two UFO Sightings at similar speeds heading out due east open Atlantic, another low flying brightly lit UFO that was the brightest object in the night sky, I pointed the laser at the low flying object and within 3 seconds while shining the blue laser at the UFO Sighting it stopped illuminating and could no longer be seen. Tonight 7-18-21, I again began looking through the scope and after a few hours, I observed a formation of around 9 UFOs that I could see in a rotating formation through the scope, I shined the laser at the group of objects, and to my astonishment, the entire formation went from a south to north path up the coast, to rapidly changing direction and quickly approaching my location. I was unspeakably terrified as I saw this group come to become silently stationary I would approximate to be 500-1000 feet from where I was. The fear, and the disbelief of what I was actually witnessing was to me, unexampled! the group then headed south, I came inside, and tried to process what I just observed. I am a science teacher in Palm Beach County schools. I will include a video link to the formation I filmed some years ago that help represent what I saw tonight. The UFO video on you-tube was filmed at 9955 Patricia Lane in Jupiter Florida. After I filmed the UFO Sighting I stopped filming to confirm I recorded the event and around 20 minutes later I noticed a number of red lights in the backyard, I quickly got the camera back outside and the red lights turned out to be military helicopters a small airplane can be seen that may have reported the UFO Sighting as the group of UFOs approach the small plane; but that is an assumption. mufon cms# 116953 Stuart Florida 7/18/21 This Region has had 6,027 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Click link to view UFOs at 2:50 https://youtu.Be/steaad_rdyu

UFO Sighting Video over Fresno CA

On 7/18/21, at approximately 2105 hours, I was driving northbound on California highway 41 going approximately 67 miles per hour. I observed two large non blinking white lights like landing lights that appeared to be fixed to the end of what looked like the wings of AC-130 or larger sized plane. At first this is what I thought the object was. I drive this same route every night, four nights a week and have been for 5 years. It is not uncommon to see large planes traveling in this direction. I also drive directly under a flight path for Fresno International Airport, so I observe low altitude planes multiple times daily both at day and night as well as taking off and landing. I began kind of chuckling because at fist because it looked from my vantage point like one of the planes or optical illusions I have seen on you-tube and the like. The UFO Sighting was north west of me and appeared to be moving extremely slow or not at all. As I got closer and my angle to the UFO Sighting it changed from 11 to 9 o'clock, I noticed the large white lights had softened to a dull yellow orange from my vantage and now visible was a strip of red lights that were blinking in succession from left to right. At first this UFO Sighting looked like one large wing with no body at this point I pulled out my phone and attempted to take video but it was hard to do while driving. While recording I noticed 10-20 smaller dark blue led lights scattered throughout the fuselage of this object. The UFO Sighting was now at 8 o'clock. From what I could see glancing back and trying not to crash, it appeared as a large fat bodied fuselage with wide but short wings. Protruding from the back instead of a standard tail it appeared in the shape of a rounded W. I then lost visual as it passed over the roof of my car. I immediately opened my moon roof and attempted to locate it, but I saw nothing in the direction where I thought it should be. As I got further from the location it had crossed over me, I assumed I would definitely see something through my rear windshield but the sky was empty. It was about dusk and there are no obstructions that would have prevented me from seeing it. Fresno does not have sky scrapers. I understand this could have just been a plane, but it's not one I have ever seen. I did serve in the Marine Corps and although I was not in the air wing, I did observe many types of military planes and have traveled on c130s, ospreys and chinooks. if you put my feet to the fire I would say it looked like a c130 and an osprey had a mutant baby. I did not hear any noise coming from the object but I was traveling with the window down so wind may have prevented me from hearing it. There were a bunch of cars about a mile behind me. If anyone else saw this and has better video or maybe knows what it is I would like to hear back! mufon cms# 116958 California 07/18/21 This Region has had 11,612 Reported UFO Sightings to date. To View Fresno CA UFO Sighting click here

Tall Multi sided Diamond Shape UFO Sighting Reported

I was at tai chi, because of a back issue, I had asked for a brake from practice, which I was granted. Sitting on the sideline of the parking lot where we practiced, I looked up at the sky, for no reason but to look at the clouds. I saw what I first thought was a blinking light on an aircraft, but it was not moving, possibly a chopper?. Then I realized it was not blinking, but reflecting. It was just past sunset but the clouds were still catching sunlight, and this was at cloud level. UFO Sighting appeared to have multiple sides but I could not tell if it was 4,or 6,sided. It was a multi sided diamond long thin shape like a long flat sided, Christmas tree ornament pointed at each end. With each triangular surface of the upper and lower sides pointed away to the top and bottom, to form a solid diamond shape. Only the lower flats reflecting light because of the angle to the sun from my point of view. It was inclined at about 10 deg. to my right. So almost due east, and slowly rotating. The more I studied it, the more clearly I could make out this was not any helicopter, or kite it was too big and too high, sitting just under the cloud layer. When my teacher asked what I was looking at, I said a UFO. I looked back and it was still right there. Minutes later, the teacher ask if I was ready to join the class, when I looked back ,it was gone. This all took 4 or 5 minutes. It was my second UFO Sighting encounter with a totally unexplainable UFO sighting and was not easy to just except. I finally excepted it, as it was too vividly something I had never seen before. Not swamp gas, and no aircraft I had ever seen or flown. I had trouble not looking back all evening and had trouble concentrating on class. mufon cme# 116919 Waxhaw Pennsylvania This UFO Sighting occurred on 10/21/20 was reported on 7/16/21. This Region has had 4,185 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Reported Close Encounter with Five Plasma Orbs

We have thought about what we saw for years because we had such a close interaction with them. They followed us for 10 miles across Bangor Maine. At one point we got so spooked I pulled over in the brake down lane & told my 11 year old son to meet me at the back of the trailer truck to try to figure out what in heck they were. We got back there & the Orbs were silently still in formation a telephone pole height over our heads & were already there when we arrived like they heard what we said or read our minds. We ran back to the cab of the truck & took off. The next exit was Hampden where the truck stop was. We pulled off hoping to lure them up the ramp & that's when I watched them take off at warp speed where I pulled over & they hovered over us we were almost at the end of Bangor International Airports runway. At one point they were in the break down lane 3 feet from me. I believe they were Orbs of plasma of some type. They shined no light on the tar beside me. They defied all the laws of physics I know. They were intelligently controlled, made no sound flew in a rotating pattern around each other & messed with us 10 straight miles. Like they knew they were freaking us out & laughing about it. Helicopters where everywhere when we jumped out at the truck stop we just assumed the airport had tracked them. My best guess is they were alien drones made from pure energy they were not solid. Something me & my 11 year old at the time have not & will never forget. I'm no expert & not blind. Tell your experts we defiantly have alien orb drones monitoring us. I should know I was 3 feet from them & they hovered over me. No way man has built anything like them. mufon cms# 116922 Bangor Maine UFO Sighting occurred on 7/16/06 and reported on 7/16/21. This Region has had 715 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Sighting Reported Morphing Dark Brown Object

This UFO Sighting was remarkably similar to the Glendale AZ 07/04/21 footage. I can not recall the specific day, but I checked the time immediately after the event. I believe it was a Monday or Tuesday in late may or early June. It was cloudy (high altitude overcast cumulus with large nimbus clouds below moving faster. The weather was windy and all clouds were moving east. Initially I thought the UFO Sighting was a turkey vulture or eagle, but it was not sunny and it was too high up to be a bird (without thermoclines) and it was traveling in a perfect straight line very slowly too slow to be a plane, and I have never seen a helicopter travel that slow in this area. The UFO had clearly defined edges, it was not blurry or changing colors or emitting light. It was dark brown not black and perhaps translucent as the color would appear a bit lighter when it became flat. Now for the strange part. I had to keep blinking and looking away and rubbing my eyes to make sure I was seeing clearly I was the object was like a bag blowing in the wind although it moved directly opposite the wind direction. I would guess at its closest point it was about 500 ft. away and went right over my yard. It moved slowly in a straight line due west. It did not appear to have a discernible shape, it often appeared spherical, but would become flat more often vertically than horizontally or amoeba like. It did not make any sense to me and I was kind of doubting my eyes, but I have now seen two recent videos of similar UFO Sightings. I have seen much sighting footage over the years and this particular phenomenon seems new to me. I did not bother to report it until I saw more footage of the same thing. Also, I am familiar with star-link satellites, the ISS and what satellites look like. I see fleets of black helicopters usually heading NNW is packs of 5 over the Mohawk Valley and have seen strange things around those, but nothing like this new UFO Sighting. It was slow and constant. There was no other craft observed or heard in the sky during this UFO Sighting which lasted at least 5 minutes, probably a little longer. The way this UFO Sighting changed shape did not make logical sense. This detail is what seems most important to me. I had a feeling after it had passed overhead while it was still visible that I had been observed by it and that it was scanning observing as it traveled. The color also did not seem to make sense it was not stealthy, attractive or practical. It was windy, but no sound was observed. mufon cms# 116879 Frankfort New York 06/07/21 This Region has had 4,147 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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