Latest UFO Sighting Report Gold Metallic Craft Nevada

Traveling on interstate 55/93 southwest on a sunny day wide puffy clouds prevalent when a Shiny Gold Metallic Craft moving vertically appeared through a opening in the clouds. I shouted UFO to my wife who was traveling with me, however she didn't comprehend what I was trying to tell her. Wife is from the Philippines she missed seeing the UFO sighting but she realized I was very excited. The UFO Sighting disappeared through the cloud covering. I have done extensive traveling on aircraft and helicopters so I was shocked and in disbelief to see the craft. I only told my five children about the sighting and they advised me to remain silent. The UFO Sighting has become fixated in my subconscious mind and I vividly see the shiny metallic gold craft moving through the clouds frequently and I often wonder why I saw this experience. after several months I felt compelled to report the sighting however I had problems trying to email mufon and several of the history channel reporters. The UFO Sighting was a sight to behold. James Zacharie/ mufon cms# 115510 Salmon Nevada 5/15/21 Click Here for more updated UFO News & More. 

saucer shape UFO

UFO Sighting Video Nine Orange UFOs Near Nuclear Plant Florida

Nine Orb like UFOs which arose from the horizon and flew towards the Nuclear Power Plant and then went dark as they approached.   Click Here to view Yankeetown Fl. UFO Sighting Video   mufon cms# 115361 Yankeetown Florida 5/08/21 

Blue Flying Saucer UFO

Fleet of UFO orbs near Fort Eustis military base

I was on a military base outside with two other officers. I was looking through the sky when I noticed what looked like 3 stars in formation very low moving fast across the sky. As I pointed it out we began to lose sight of them into the clouds. It was then when we noticed many more all following the exact same path. We saw at least 10-15 bright UFO lights that did NOT strobe any kind of light all follow the same path through the sky. After they left we then looked around at all the other air traffic to compare it and it was totally different. Living near military bases you see air traffic constantly and that’s what makes something unusual easy to identify. We tried to record it but it was too far away for the camera to pick up I believe but I can double check the footage. One other time I witnessed a UFO Sighting and got it on camera which I submitted and was contacted by that states mufon representative. That’s why I always watch the sky for something unusual. mufon cms# 115358 Fort Eustis VA. U.S 5/08/21

Multiple UFO Orb Lights

What Is This UFO Sighting Hovering over Meden NV see video

I looked up to see a very Dense Black Circular UFO Sighting hovering over the town 30 miles south of me. I could see what looked like heatwaves come off of it consistently and the aura of them seemed to spread around the entire UFO Sighting 2-3 ×'s larger than the circle itself. It did not move or change shape at all. It just stayed in the exact same spot for a little over 20 min. I took a video and in the video there is a visible aura around the UFO Sighting. At one point I looked away for 10-15 seconds and it was gone when I looked up. mufon cms# 115355 Menden NV. U.S 5/14/21 Click Here to view Menden NV UFO Video  Depiction Photo Below

Black Sphere UFO

The Welsh Village Pentyrch UFO Coverup

UFO News: In 2016, a peculiar pyramid-shaped UFO was witnessed over the Welsh village of Pentyrch. What is claimed to have followed was shocking: military intervention resulting in the alien spacecraft crashing into woodland on the outskirts of Llantrisant, Wales. In the years since this happening, information related to the Pentyrch UFO Sighting Incident has been suppressed, leading some to believe it to be one of the greatest UFO Sighting Encounter mysteries of all time. credit The Prismatic Journalist

The Pentyrch UFO Coverup | Caz Clarke & Gari Jones Video here

Welsh Village Pentyrch UFO Incident

US Navy filmed SPHERICAL shaped UFOs going into the water

UFO News: The US Navy photographed & filmed “spherical” shaped UFOs & advanced trans-medium vehicles; here is some of that footage. Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019 / warning area off San Diego @ 11pm PST. No wreckage found. No craft were recovered. credit Jeremy Corbell

2019 the US Navy filmed “SPHERICAL” shaped UFOs going into the water; here is that footage

George Knapp reports on images that have leaked from a secretive Pentagon investigation of UFOs. The UAP Task Force has been gathering evidence for a comprehensive report for Congress which is due in June that includes photographs and videos of UFO encounters with U.S. military assets, including Navy destroyers off the southern California coast.

Pictures and video show Unidentified Flying Objects moving above U.S. Navy warships

US Navy Warships Search for UFOs

Tic Tac UFO Sighting Reported Oklahoma City

Silver metallic Tic Tac shaped UFO Sighting flying constant speed just below the clouds no visible windows no wings and no trails in sky. Was partly cloudy n day with some small amounts of sun and I could see the Tic Tac UFO clearly from the point I noticed it until it went into the cloud cover which was about 45 to 50 seconds. There was not noise and it just went on the about it's way, not wavering or changing directions. The UFO Sighting was very reflective but didn't glow. There were no windows however it looked like it was sectioned but was in 1 total piece. mufon cms# 115339 Oklahoma City OK. Occurred on 7/15/20 Reported on 5/13/21 Region has had 1,143 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here for more updated UFO News & more. 

different tic tac shaped UFOs

Armada of Glowing Orb UFOs reported over New Mexico

My boyfriend and I had just finished eating dinner outside, we were sitting in front of a small fire in this little fire pit he had built a few days before. I was leaning back in my chair watching the sky as I often do. It was a clear night, a little bit chilly. I saw what looked like stars, but much larger moving, flying in from the west, headed east, directly above our house. We live in a very small, rural town. In a heavily wooded area with very few neighbors.

There are no street lights or city lights to muddle the night sky. On clear nights, every star, every constellation is clearly visible. I jumped up and alerted my boyfriend, who also saw this UFO Sighting immediately. He had his phone in his pocket and tried multiple times to record and take pics of these UFOs. His phone kept turning off. It was fully charged. I stood watching and counting them as best I could. They were large, bright white glowing oval shaped balls in the sky. They stayed in a mostly single file line the entire time just above the tree line. I'm sure I missed a few, but at last count there were 84 of these huge glowing UFOs.

The whole UFO Sighting lasted close to ten minutes. About 7 or eight minutes for them all to pass. They were about 500 feet directly above us. They made no sound, they left no trail. No lights, nothing pure silence. As I said, the sky that night was so clear you could see for miles in every direction. as these objects flew east, it was like a door opened up for them to enter. They all just disappeared as they came to that one spot in the sky. Like they were flying through a door. About a minute before I noticed these UFOs, my dog, a large female pit bull who isn't afraid of much, ran inside the house with her tail tucked. Later, I found her hiding in a dark corner of the bathroom. After they were all completely gone we sat in shock at what we'd seen when not more than ten minutes later we heard these really loud jets coming over the horizon.

There were three of them in a v formation. They stayed in that v formation as they flew in the same trajectory as the objects did over our house. I believed we stayed outside for maybe ten minutes more after the jets were gone, but when we went inside and saw the clock, it was almost 3am! that's the part that scares the heck out of me. I thought it would be about 10pm. Maybe 10:30. all this started at 9pm. We lost 5 hours. I remember sitting and talking about it and then getting up and coming inside the house.

There's no way we sat there talking for 5 hours. It's freezing cold in the middle of the night here. There's just no way. today is the 12th. I wasn't sure if I should even say anything to anyone. If it wasn't for the missing time, I don't know that I would have. But I have to try and figure this out. I never felt fear. from the night of this sighting until now. on the contrary, we've both been more at ease, more relaxed. More peaceful since that night. Also just to say a little about myself, I'm a sober, person who lives a simple life. We both are. I work from home. I'm a drug and alcohol counselor who sees patients on zoom.

I'm home most of the time. My boyfriend works in landscaping and is home by 5pm everyday. We love our simple life. We don't drink or do any drugs. We're almost always in bed by 10pm. This is the most amazing, confusing thing that's happened to us. I have to try to know what happened. we also know 3 people here in Pecos who witnessed these objects in the sky that same night. It's up to them whether they report it or not. mufon cms# 115318 Pecos New Mexico 5/08/21 Region has had 1,211 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click here for more updated UFO News and more

Colored Orb Light UFOs

Two Tic Tac Shaped UFOs Reported Thunder Bay Ontario

I was sitting on my back deck with clear skies. I looked up and saw two Tic Tac shaped UFO, Black in color. the moved very fluidly and just offset from each other. I watched them move fairly quickly across the sky and after about 10 seconds, the one UFO that was a little behind and to the left moved forward and seemed to connect with the second object. At that point, where they connected the center portion changed color. almost translucent but was definitely blocking out the sky. The UFO Sightings were flying horizontally and it was the end points that connected. If I were to describe the ends they were rounded tips. There was no sound at all and the speed was steady but swift. There was no wing structure, They definitely were not birds. I have never seen anything like this before. It was very cool to see. By the time I even thought about getting my phone, they were gone. I waited outside for hours after, hoping they would come back again. mufon cms# 115274 Thunder Bay Ontario Canada 4/25/21 This Region has had 2,528 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here for more updated UFO News & more 

 flying saucer ufo

Orange Glowing UFOs Following Star-Link Satellites

I was watching the star-link satellites with my son and his friend, and it was really something to behold and as the last star-link passed by heading east something else appeared and it was following the star-link flight path. It was a dull, Orange Glowing orb and just one at first, and then more followed it. I counted well over a dozen of these things flying highly erratic if not physically possible flight paths. I have a pvs14 plus night vision device and decided to take a look to see if anything was giving off IR light and boy o boy when I looked thru it I was shocked. They where everywhere, these orbs. After showing my kid and his friend thru the scope what I was looking at they too where shocked. I thought it would be a good idea to shine a light on them, not an ordinary flashlight but an extremely powerful and expensive projector type flashlight. Its the kind that can blind people. I proceeded to flash these orbs with the light. And they responded people. They flashed the exact same signal back to me and the light they flashed was a extremely powerful and fast light. My flashlight battery stopped working suddenly, which it was fully charged to begin with. It takes three 3.7 li battery's. At this point it became scary though, as they all seemed to be hovering or moving more towards us directly overhead. That is when I saw the UFO thru the PVS 14. The orb or light I was seeing, was a slight orange glow in the center of the UFO and it was a disk shaped. It hovered directly over my and my son and his friend and was descending however it was still very high up. The craft itself was extremely large, I estimated to be three or four 747 size equivalent. I could not believe it was happening and then showed the kids. They freaked out and that is when the craft stopped coming down and hovered silently. The PVS 14 also detected some sort of shimmering shield around the disc shaped UFO. I also observed smaller orb like balls of light emerge from the center light on the disc UFO. More then one where present but further off in the distance and hard to see so we mainly focused on watching this thing as it sat in one place rotating with this shimmering field. people we are not alone and they are intelligent. I need a camera that can record low light, my I-phone is older and I have nothing to record the night vision footage thru. After all this I intend to invest some money in equipment. It was hard to see with the naked eye, a low light camera would be needed. mufon cms# 115254 Transverse City Michigan 5/09/21 Region has had 3,676 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here for more updated UFO News & more.

Orange Disk Shaped Flying Saucer UFO

Entered Yellow Fog Missing Time Mount Cahuilla CA

Spring of 1956  after driving south on highway 79, I turned west on road 371 towards Anza CA. A top of the first hill I was surrounded in a soft yellow light; not unlike driving into a fog and cannot see anything except the yellow light. The next thing that happened the light disappeared and I was parked at a stop sign at a intersection of old highway 395 and highway 79 in Temecula CA. The distance from where I entered the yellow light and Temecula is 38 miles. Approximately an hour drive in 1956. I have no idea what happened in that period of time and travel. What is interesting later in my life I learned that just west of Anza is located Mount Cahuilla, about a mile north of the route that you travel. Been told that it is one of the so-called hot spots for UFO Sightings in Southern California. Also, the local tribal folks tell Mount Cahuilla is sacred, where the so-called sky people live. Now you have another story to consider. Also, I am a rock art researcher with many more stories. mufon cms# 115210 California 5/01/56 Local Area Has Had 788 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here for more updated UFO News & more.

Mount Cahuilla CA UFO Missing time

Cylindrical Shaped Tic Tac UFO Sighting Seguin Texas

I was traveling west towards San Antonio coming from Houston Texas on i-10 freeway approaching Seguin Texas city limits when I saw a Large Shadow being cast over the freeway as the object crossed over my SUV. I was able to see what cast the shadow as I looked outside driver's side window. It was a Cylindrical Shaped UFO with 6 legs underneath that had a similar look like the now famous tic tac UFO. UFO Sighting was traveling at a high rate of speed. mufon cms# 115206 Seguin Texas 5/7/21 This Region has had 6,271 documented UFO Sightings to date. Click Here for more Updated UFO News & More  Photo is a depiction of reported sighting.

Cigar Shape Tic Tac UFO

Large UFO Fully Lit Up Traveling Fast Lincoln CA

At approximately 2:30 am I was walking my dog in a westerly direction. I saw the largest UFO I've ever seen in the night sky based upon the outline of the lights. It wasn't a group of lights, but rather appeared as if the entire UFO was illuminated with a lime green glowing light. I am no expert of any sort on aircraft, but am more than 70 years of age and spent 2 tours in Vietnam. I've seen a lot of aircraft in the sky. Never anything this large or this fast. I believe any sort of military or commercial aircraft next to the one I witnessed would look small in comparison. Thank you for you time. I am very interested in knowing if anyone else in the area witnessed the same thing and if so their input. mufon cms# 115219 Lincoln California 5/6/21 This Region Has Had 11,466 MUFON Reported UFO Sightings to Date. Click Here If Interested in Reading More Updated UFO News & More 

Green UFO Flying Saucer

Triangle UFO Emitting Orbs Over Clearwater Florida

Had this UFO Sighting from my balcony looks like its was a mile off clearwater beach called Mcdill AFB and they reported no traffic of any kind in that area 3:16-19 am sitting on my condos 7th story balcony in downtown clearwater. Three miles from clearwater beach I can only describe as a UFO. Estimated range 4 miles 40â° 1k feet 300â° NW it was a fiery triangle morphed into a gaseous cloudy state emitting 3 orbs Two silver one orange with lights and ribbing or girding structures a black spot rotated through its middle from right to left and began to disintegrate and the orbs instantly disappeared it stay stationary in the same exact spot for the entire 3 minutes and disappeared slowly into a clouded smoky state I called Mcfill AFB and they said" we have no traffic of any kind in that area" end of report name with held. mufon cms# 115201 Clearwater Florida 4/21/21 This Region has had 5,927 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Click Here For More Updated UFO News & More 

Black Triangle UFO

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