UFO Sighting two UFOs with windows down side reported

Whilst in bed with curtains open at approx 10.30pm on Saturday 4th April, my partner saw in the distance in the sky an orange UFO light . Whilst it gained her attention she noticed another orange UFO light running parallel but slightly behind the first. As the two UFO Sightings grew closer she got out of bed and went towards the window. As they got closer still she was surprised to see two rocket shaped UFOs with windows down side, flying perfectly flat and with a slight orange glow around each of them. UFO Sighting made no noise and were at a low height enabling her to distinguish the windows through the orange glow around them. they were visible from the window 8 -10 mins from first seen. Lost sight as they went past side of house, unable to see from window anymore. We live approx 5-6 miles from Leeds and Bradford airport and these UFOs seemed to be heading in that direction. I was downstairs, curtains closed watching TV. she came running downstairs telling me her account. I opened curtains and looked out but could not see anything. Front of house faces airport so maybe mistaken with direction taken. We see planes all the time but partner specific about them not planes. MUFON CMS# 107511 Leeds England U.K Region has had 2086 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Orange Cigar Shape UFO reported 4-4-20

Green UFO Sighting had a blue pulse

I work as a engineer on a survey vessel and around the 28th of august 2008, I was doing my normal routine checks coming out of the engine room door I looked up at the exhaust stacks just to see the smoke coming for our engines when I noticed what appeared to be a thin straight white line, at first I thought it was a piece of fishing line caught on the mast but when I walked around to the other side of the boat I seen it was coming off our boat, it was at that moment I noticed the line was some kind of beam of light coming from a green ball of light. The green UFO Sighting had a blue pulse where the light beam was coming out. Just then the pulse and beam stopped but the green UFO/light was still there. I would say about a mile away at a 45 degree angle on our starboard side. We were traveling north and the light just seemed to be doing the same speed as the boat, about 8 knots. I was frozen for what seemed like a longtime when I finally said to myself  tell someone. I ran to the wheelhouse informed the captain and we both watched the UFO craft with binoculars . As soon as we started watching it with the binoculars I could make out that in the green ball was some kind of structure, like it was darker in the middle. The UFO Sighting then started heading south and started to slowly drift higher in the sky until it disappeared into the clouds. Needless to say the captain was not a UFO guy but he became a believer that night. I would like to add the the beam of light it was emitting was like a thin dull white laser that was not pointed to the ground that I could tell, it was pointed across the sky in a south west direction. Also I was the only one to see the laser and as soon as I noticed it coming from the green light UFO, it shut off, at the time and today I felt it shut off because I noticed the UFO. MUFON CMS# 106597 Rehoboth Beach Delware 8/28/08 Region has had 193 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

green orange UFO saucer

Black Triangle UFO Sighting Canadian Report

Good day, last night I was witness to a UFO Sighting here in Qualicum Beach , BC. it was about 10:30 pm and my daughter and I where on our outside hotter when all of a sudden we saw the most amazing and longest shooting star we have ever seen, after seeing this, we started talking about UFOs and my many experiences in Mexico before. After a few minutes she went indoors and I remained in the hotter, just lying down looking at the beautiful night sky full of stars it was then that I saw a Huge Triangular Shape UFO, almost transparent, see through , and it had small triangles within, it must have been at least 100 meters off the ground and it was slow and steady, I saw it fly above me and then just flew away I felt mesmerized and amazed, I felt a little bit of fear, but it quickly went away, and after a few more minutes I came back indoors and told my wife and daughter about the incident. I just wanted to leave some kind of UFO Sighting report of my experience last night, thank you for taking the time to read this. I have had many more experiences with UFO Sightings in Mexico, but this was my first here in Canada after 9 years living here. Now I know they are here for some reason this is very interesting! best regards. Daniel Gradilla location Qualicum beach BC date march 14th 2020 time approx. 10:40 pm duration of the sighting 15 sec. behavior of the UFO object(s) flying low & steady color of the object(s) transparent shape of the object(s) triangular any sounds heard none weather conditions clear night 4 c and how you lost sight of the object(s) it flew over head and kept on going on the same direction. MUFON CMS# 106904 Qualicum Beach British Columbia Canada. 3/14/20 Region has had 949 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Black Triangle UFO

Aztec 1948 UFO Crash

According to Frank Scully in his Variety magazine columns in March 1948 an unidentified aerial craft "UFO" containing sixteen humanoid bodies was recovered by the military in New Mexico after making a controlled landing in Hart Canyon 12 miles northeast of the city of Aztec. The UFO craft was said to be 99 feet (30 m) in diameter, the largest UFO to date. Scully named as his sources two men identified as Newton and Gebauer, who reportedly told him the UFO incident had been covered up and "the military had taken the craft for secret research". Scully wrote that the crashed Aztec UFO along with other flying saucers captured by the government came from Venus and worked on "magnetic principles". According to Scully, the inhabitants stocked concentrated food wafers and "heavy water" for drinking purposes, and every dimension of the craft was "divisible by nine". Aztec New Mexico UFO Crash Video


UFO Emits High Pitch Squeal Sound

The UFO Sighting case of the Rosedale Australia occurred on September 30, 1980. The man in question is George Blackwell a farm care taker who reports having a very strange UFO Sighting encounter during then evening of 9/30/1980. The lead investigator of this UFO Sighting case is Bill Chalker he describes his findings in this video saying that George Blackwell searching on his farm for the cause of his horses & cows being highly agitated by some unknown source finds himself face to face with this Large Disk Shaped UFO seemingly drawing water out of his water tank adjacent to his farm. He reports that this UFO emits a loud high pitched squealing sound causing George to lose function of his body and limbs falling to the ground. Seconds after experiencing this ordeal his observes the UFO rising up from the water tank and disappearing in the distance. 



UFO Sightings reported during 20th and 21st centuries

Large, silent, Black Triangular UFOs hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways with certain common features have been a popular reported UFO Sighting occurrence for many years. Black triangle UFOs have been claimed to be visible to radar. During the 1989-1990 Belgian UFO wave, two Belgian Air Force F-16s attempted to intercept an UFO Sighting detected by radar, but the pilots did not report seeing an object. In 2000, a key conclusion of the Project Condign report was that no attempt should be made on the part of civilian or RAF Air Defense aircraft to outmaneuver these UFOs except to place them astern to mitigate the risk of collision

Black Triangle shape UFO

UFO Sighting appears Hologram Canada

This is the 3rd time I recorded a video of this UFO Sighting with my phone, the first was reported last year in September and the 2nd was given to the MUFON investigator but I didn't make a report. I have seen this same UFO about 10 times, both with binoculars and on video and they are 2 different UFO Sighting experiences. In the binoculars I see a Disc Shaped UFO that appears as a hologram with the internal light glowing so bright it illuminates the craft and I can see 6 windows and a door on the back and it appears to fly fairly straight. In the video the UFO Sighting spins at a very high rate of speed and also tumbles in a second motion that is not as fast as the spin, so it looks like a gyroscope and most still frames are blurry. I have come to the conclusion from the first video that the faster it spins, the bigger the windows appear because the door is on one side and when it spins faster you see the door more times per frame. I have spent hours studying the August UFO video, and pretty much every still frame is identical from this video to that one. I have a phone mount on my binoculars and I recorded and watched thru the binoculars at the same time. I didn't really see anything new with this but thought I would share. I attached the original video and a screen recording of the video played at 13% speed and zoomed in and also a still frame. MUFON CMS# 107514 London Ontario Canada/4/5/20/ Region has had 2401 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Poor Quality Video's

Photo of UFO Sighting

Multiple UFO Sightings Reported UK

We have witnessed these Disk type UFO Sightings in the sky for over a week. To begin with I thought these UFOs was satellites, but there are lots of them every night. They form a line or a triangle in sets of 3. UFOs are seen moving up, down, left to right at a speed! they hover & move again. They flash various colors. 2 nights ago we walked our dog, there were at least 30 UFOs in the sky. They were moving in perfect harmony. I have noticed my dogs behavior has completely changed being anxious & waking at night but won't go outside. Other people have also been saying their animals are acting strange. This has become a nightly thing. Tonight we saw them again, this time there were around 5 UFOs, my daughter captured a video. I was never a believer before, but I certainly am now. MUFON CMS# 107374 Gosport Hampshire UK 3/31/20. Region has had 2083 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Video has not made public.

Gosport Hampshire UK UFO reported staticmap.png

Strange UFO Reported above Kent England

I saw a Balloon-shaped UFO but with a pointed top gliding across sky. It had a rod attached to the bottom: I was in my back-garden enjoying the sun at around 2:10pm when I noticed a shimmering UFO (it was a clear day on 03/25/2020). The Rod on the bottom of the object and the UFO itself did not seem to wobble like a normal balloon would. The UFO Sighting moved at a steady speed in the direction of the wind traveling west-wards and there was a plane in around the same direction but the plane was around 400ft-900ft higher than the UFO Sighting. I filmed the event with my Lumix Panasonic dmg-tz6 camera. The UFO Sighting was a cream color. MUFON CMS# 107351 Kent England 3/25/20 Region has had 2083 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No video with supported format available.

silver disk shaped UFO

Strange Triangle UFO Sighting Reported Vermont U.S

During a time when commercial aircraft are grounded, a large Triangle shaped UFO was reported moving from north, curving to the south-east, seemingly following the Ompompanoosuc river. The UFO Sighting was accompanied by an engine sound so I first assumed it was a plane from the post mills airport. However, after observing it move overhead I realized I couldn't see any green navigation lights or the regular strobe lights seen on an airplane. The UFO Sighting consisted of three or four small white lights in the shape of a triangle. the center was a proportionally larger red light which flashed on and off with about a 1 to 2 second fade. The UFO sounded unlike any prop or jet engine I have heard. Typically you hear a change in pitch change from Doppler affect as the craft moves overhead, but this UFO seemed unchanging. MUFON CMS# 107486 Thetford Vermont US, Region has had 251 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Thetford Vermont Triangle UFO reported staticmap.png

Oklahoma Elk City UFO Sighting Reported

Matte black thick UFO disc probably 20-30' in diameter observed in the western sky below sun level by 5 degrees , I could see the suns light reflect off the drab exterior, UFO Sighting appeared to be a good mile away judging by the reflection of the sun and elevation at probably 2500 to 3500 feet above sea level. I spotted it thinking it was a hawk or vulture gliding on a heat wave as we had a nice day here today, but upon further looking this was no bird!! UFO Sighting was smooth and matte finish, I pulled over to get my binoculars but in an instant it was gone, I did not observer the departure. MUFON CMS# 106221 Elk City Oklahoma US, 2/16/20 Region has had 1061 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Black Disk shape UFO

UFO Hovers over Military Base

During boot camp, we were out on the firing range, and we had mess duty for 1 week after the range. As I had reserve time, I suppose I was put in charge of the morning detail of 4 or 5 other recruits, as I marched them to mess duty in the am ( 04:00-ish ). While we were on our way, we saw a UFO of sorts, come down from above and hovering over the swamp and observe us. We stopped and watched, and when it was gone, it took off in three different ways from a single sphere. If you know anything about marine corps boot camp, you would know that you don't talk casually to the drill instructors. The crew I was with told me I had to report it, so I did to the duty cook who we reported to. He called us crazy, and we worked the day at the mess hall. On the way back, they once again said I had to tell the d.I.'s. and I did report the UFO Sighting to my senior drill instructor Sgt. Patton, platoon 311 ( 1961 Feb to April ). Sgt Kemp was also there and I as I did not get my butt chewed out for reporting it, I was relieved when my reporting it was over. They did ask me why I didn't report the UFO Sighting as soon as I arrived at the mess hall. I told him I had. The next day, two men in black with sunglasses ( this really happened ; ) came to our barracks, and I was told to repeat my story, and I did. I never saw them again, or heard a word from my d.I.'s. I was promoted in boot camp which made me think it was because I reported the UFO Sighting. Nothing else made me stand out from the other men. I had always hoped to find my UFO Sighting report in Project Blue Book, being I reported this on a us marine corps base, but I never found it anywhere. A few times through the years, I tried to find it other ways, but to no avail. this is a true story. I think we were frozen by the UFO Sighting while it observed us, because we reported late that day, and you are never late on Parris island, and every other day we arrived early. In my business life I was a corporate director, after many years of being a senior business analyst. I know what we saw, and what saw us. This is not a scam. I wonder if...I will ever know what happened to my UFO Sighting report from that day ? I have my Parris Island graduation book with all my drill instructors. MUFON CMS# 105855 Parris Island South Carolina This Region has had 916 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Parris Island South Carolina map UFO Sighting reported 12-7-60.png

Photo of Black Disk UFO Sighting

I noticed a strange hole in the clouds and took my phone to take some pictures just for fun since the hole in the clouds was really unusual. At the time of the photo I have not seen any UFO. Only some days after, I was checking the photos and realized it had a strange dark UFO where the hole in the cloud is. Initially I thought it could be a bird or some balloon, but I took several photographs, one after another, in a matter of 3 to 5 seconds, and the UFO Sighting only appears in one photo. I did some contrast analysis in the photo and it doesn't resembles any plane or helicopter or bird that I know. MUFON CMS# 90421 Archipelago of Azores 2/24/18 Region has had 6 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Black Disk photo.jpeg

Canton Georgia UFO Sighting reported

A total of fifteen UFOs were visible, How far away was the UFO Sighting? 500-2000 yards. Having seen the phenomenon many nights in a row a friend and I decided to mount spotting scopes cameras and high powered laser pointers to tripods in an effort to document the ongoing UFO phenomenon in the Atlanta area and stabilize images. The closest UFO Sighting appeared to be 300 to 500 yards away and maybe 150ft high . As many as 15 to 20 UFOs were visible in the area and generally moving in a southwest direction, some very high some at tree top. Objects were observed to be stationary at times and then moving rapidly at others. The UFOs were recorded as they responded to a blue laser pointer. In the video you can see the UFO move to avoid the laser. Additionally you can see from the picture at some point, more than once the object seemed to manipulate the beam causing a mushrooming effect of the light. the total time of the encounter was about two hours it would be noted when pointing optical or digital based observation tools (cameras and scope)directly on the UFOs, we found it seemed focusing was unusually difficult as if reflecting direct light. Almost like cloaking. We also found focus could be achieved by viewing from an angle or the corner of your eye. Once we used the laser the UFO came very close and seemed intent on observing us. As we continued to focus on the closest object of about 15 another had come in behind us in relatively low altitude and proximity. Displaying a pack hunting type of approach. When we turned back and the original object had dropped below the tree line. We observed the pack movements a while longer and left. I would note I have witnessed and recorded these objects in Hawaii as well in the last two months. those are the clips using a green laser. The UFOs appear similar. Personally I just wanna know I am not crazy. No photos, videos or other media were provided.  MUFON CMS# 106810  Canton Georgia 3/9/20 Region has had 1888 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Canton Georgia UFO Sighting reported 3-9-20 staticmap.png 

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