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UFO Sighting captured by our doorbell video camera

We want to report that we have evidence of what we consider can qualify as UFO Sighting captured by our doorbell video camera. This happened on July 7 (basically last week). We have a video sequence of a flying object with extremely fast movements on almost the same point from midnight until 7 a.m. until about 6 a.m. The same day just after what appears to be a movement of translation of the moon. In the video it is appreciated how the UFO Sighting seems to separate and then rejoin or what appears to be two UFOs that meet and disappear without following a pattern. After 6:11 am the UFO Sighting disappeared. We found out today because I told my wife that I saw a rare movement of an intense light in the parking lot on the night of July 7th and when reviewing the video she could see that on the other side of that light there was a strange movement of an object, that is the object that I have just described. Everything is documented in the video without editing. Please see the right upper to appreciate the UFO Sighting. The event (object) ended at 6:11 am. I will send fragments of the video sequence where faces of some people who passed in front of our camera do not appear. by the way, those people did not seem to notice the flight of these objects. mufon cms# 110107 Doral Florida 7/7/2020 Submitted UFO Video

flying saucer UFO over trees

Latest Cigar Shaped Metallic UFO Sighting Reported

I was turning on the sprinkler to water my vegetable garden, and noticed that there were a lot of exceptionally active birds fluttering around my home. This drew my attention to the sky, where I observed an apparently Cigar Shaped Metallic UFO moving south across the eastern sky. I have a flight radar app on my phone, and there were no registered aircraft shown in this section of the sky. I watched the UFO Sighting until it was out of my line of sight ( 4 minutes), then went into my house to tell my partner and a friend what I had seen. after this, I went into my backyard to let our dogs out, and again observed the same type of object, in roughly the same area I had observed one moments before, but presumably at a greater distance due to the smaller apparent size. I filmed the UFO Sighting for a 18 seconds, and then asked my partner & friend to join me in observing the object. Both of them also observed the object now more or less due south, at which point we noticed there was another similarly shaped object in the sky nearby the first object. The second UFO, however, had a contrail. Again, I checked the flight radar app on my phone, which showed no registered aircraft in that portion of the sky. We watched the objects for a few more minutes until they were too small to distinguish with the naked eye. mufon cms# 110119 Toledo Ohio 7/13/2020 Region has had 3,001 Reported UFO Sightings to date.  View Toledo Ohio UFO Video Here

Cylinder Shaped UFO

UFO Lands in my backyard Shelby North Carolina

Small "UFO" Unidentified Flying Object craft landed in my Garden at night leaving landing impressions like stands.This happened just after dark around 22:30. I saw a flash of light on my TV screen that was connected to an outside security camera. Which caught my attention. There were two lights on the ground in my garden that was about 100 feet from my house. I watched the light rise up to about 10 feet and the two turn into lights moving counter clockwise direction around a craft. The "UFO" craft was not big. Probably less than 10 feet across. Couldn't see a shape for the lights. It hovered up, back and forth, and then drifted off to the east into the wooded area and up into the sky. The next morning, I went to investigate any damage done to my garden and you could see some mashed vines and leaves where it had been sitting or hovering. Large round impressions about 12 inches, but not deep. nuforc.org Shelby North Carolina 7/2/2020.

UFO Craft hovering above eyewitnesses

Cylindrical Shaped UFO Sighting Denver International Airport

I am a taxi driver who makes multiple trips to Denver International Airport daily. I am very familiar, therefore, with what planes look like from various angles, altitudes,and speeds as they land and take off from the airport. On Monday, 07/06/20, at about 12:15 pm I was driving a customer to the airport when I had a UFO Sighting unlike anything I have ever seen before. UFO Sighting was traveling from south to north and the altitude seemed quite low. This was in Denver International Airport airspace and was at about the altitude a plane would have been in about 5-10 seconds after takeoff. However, this object was not landing or taking off from DIA, but flying at a steady altitude. This UFO Sighting was capsule shaped, like a medication capsule. It was bright, shiny silver in color with two darker vertical bands each spaced about 1/3 of the length. I could not discern any wings and I could not see a tail, like a plane would have. Simply the cylindrical shape of a capsule. I could not see any windows or markings. I would say the length was less than a 747, but was about 50% bigger in circumference. I lost sight of it as I drove closer to the airport simply because my car passed out of range of being able to see it through my windshield. of course, having a passenger, I could not stop or photograph it. nuforc.org Denver Colorado 7/6/2020

Cylindrical Shaped UFO

New York UFO Sightings Reports

In the Beginning of this Month of July 2020 their has been so far a total of five eyewitness UFO Sighting reports of strange Sphere's maneuvering in the skies over New York according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

7/1/20 Forest Hills Queens NY: One bright/reflective UFO Sighting moving NW to SE really high up. Not airplane shape.                                                  7/2/20 North Tondawanda NY: Out side in my Yard when I heard a jet.airliner over head On a clear starry night. Notice a bright star in the sky but after further examination it was moving. It took up a position right behind the airliner keeping pace and chasing the jet. Traveling north easterly direction. UFO Sighting never changed coarse but traveled in a straight line. Called Syracuse air guard phone was busy signal. Called Buffalo hot line and told my story to reporter. Also called 914th air guard and told them. Had to be tracked on radar and other people must have seen it on this clear starry night.                            7/4/20 Forest Hills Queens NY: Two bright UFOs - one Silver/ one Blue / walking on street looked up and noticed One reflective/bright sphere shape UFO Sighting moving from NW to SE. About 5 minutes later another Turquoise/ Blue bright UFO (sphere) appeared and then disappeared after 30 seconds. First UFO Sighting continued moving towards SE and faded away.                                                                                                                                7/4/20 Richmond Hill NY: Bright Orange light in Black Circular UFO. Seen twice first time was a 20 seconds. It came back around second time it was seen longer for about five minutes. My neighbors are lighting fire works all around, so it's not a firework and vehicle is at about 1,000 feet. Can't be a helicopter heard no motors. After a few minutes the bright orange light dimmed and the vehicle was out of site. I am located in the LaGuardia Airport flight path, so it the same height of a plane, but it seemed larger than jetliner.                                                                                                                                          7/5/20 Brooklyn NY: UFO Sighting observed at Prospect Park. At least 20 circular orbs (Spheres) were floating in the sky. Initially thought they were stars, but noticed they were moving. The orbs were floating up and out of the atmosphere; not linear. One separate object last to vanish was flashing. When I zoomed in with my camera, I noticed it was moving in a way that defied physics.

Spheres Orbs Color chart                                                                                                                                      



Alien Close Encounter Involving Physical Altercation

I live in a small town called new castle. new castle is about 3 hours west from the states capitol of Denver, Colorado. on Thursday, July 2nd, my girlfriend and I decided to go for a late in the night drive along a winding dirt road, miles away from any civilization, Buford road. found a private quiet place to park, not a soul in sight. Up high in the mountains, giving us a excellent view of the sky in the dead of summers night. after a long day, and a long night of adventuring we both decided to get some shut eye camping in my Suzuki. Now this is where things start getting weird. Neither of us have any recollection of attempting to close our eyes to sleep or falling asleep, however every time I have a experience there is a trans-like paralysis state I'am always in. the last few times I have been able to resist this state, therefore I now have some memories intact. I first remember looking out my driver side window seeing a being that was barely able to peek over the car into the window, which was very small in length, not even reaching 4-ft. the body was only a few inches wide, head was shaped similar of a old fashioned iron. Having Large Oblong Jet Black Eye's, with a slit of Red sitting in the center. The Alien beings appearance represented how a abstract painting looks, if that makes any sense? I then look over towards the passenger seat. This feeling felt as if there is an invisible force pushing back on you as you try to move anything to keep you in place, in a state somewhere between reality and the dreaming realm. There was one Alien Being sitting right there next to me! appeared to be identical to the same one looking through my window moments ago. In the backseat sitting was a friend of mine (who happens to be my girlfriend now). That Alien being had startled me enough to the point that led me to take a swing, able to make contact with my fist, all while knowing she was back there. Once making full-on contact, the Alien being then disappeared, leaving me with a sore hand, now convinced this is all very real. While still in a paralyzed state, mentally and physically I was able to understand what was going on. Which helped me manage to get a grip, and to focus. focused just enough I was now able to take control, freeing myself choosing to slam down onto the steering wheels horn. instantly had started yelling for girlfriend, almost begging to look up at starry eyed sky. Both now with our heads cocked straight back, I noticed the same light from before catching my attention, making me curious once again. this unknown light was now brighter than all the others, now appearing much closer. Watching closely as the light emitted a shower of sparks as it darted across the sky and was gone.The next morning I tried calling Rifle Airport (the nearest airport) to inquire about if they had a radar and they told me the nearest one would be all the way in Denver. I did not call Denver seeing as I am sure they would not have told me if something had of appeared on radar. This is just one Alien experience of many. I have woke up one time on a road that did not connect to the road I was on before the experience. I had woken up 30 miles away in the wrong direction. I have even came to one time going about 30 miles per hour on I-70 with traffic flying by me honking their horn. mufon cms# 109920 New Castle Colorado 7/2/2020 Region has had 2,560 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


The Petrozavodsk UFO Phenomenon of 1977

UFO News Today: The "Petrozavodsk Phenomenon", is one of the most interesting Mass UFO sightings among Ufologists. Eighty five UFOs of different shapes and colors were reportedly seen and photographed on September 20th 1977 in the Soviet Union, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, and Estonia. The UFOs  caused strange holes in windows, abnormal vegetation growth, and strange psychological effects to people. The explanations to the UFO incidents remain very disputed and controversial. This is a series named "Mysteries of The World" talking about strange and non explainable incidents and events around the world, as well as archeological artifacts and places that are shrouded with mysteries, and their possible link to Ancient Aliens. In today's video we will talk about a series of strange UFO Sightings which occurred in the Soviet Union and northern Europe on September 20th 1977, which later became known as the Petrozavodsk Phenomenon or the Petrozavodsk miracle. It is considered as one of the most interesting mass sightings of a UFO in the 20th century.

Petrozavodsk UFO Phenomenon of 1977

Black Triangle UFO Videotaped over Brooklyn

 I was on my terrace in Greenpoint, Brooklyn when I suddenly looked up and had a UFO Sighting of a Black Triangle Craft with the center cut out and spheres underneath it. We have red hawks in the neighborhood which I thought it was at first but there was no flapping and it was way too big. So I thought maybe it was another drone and I grabbed my phone to zoom and see; right then this UFO Sighting went to an altitude higher than the sun in the sky, so I knew it wasn’t a commercial drone. Then I filmed 3 different planes flying by it, VERY closely which in comparison confirmed the UFO Sighting to be much bigger than I originally thought. Zooming further the shape was also clear, but a force field was apparent, a white glow around it. There was no sound, but this IS a very loud city. It circled and almost flew like it was drunk. I filmed on my phone, an old Nikon Cool-pix hoping to use the better zoom. Then I grabbed my telescope and looked at it with my naked eye. My brain CANNOT file what I saw, and it almost seemed to make me feel fatigued (still the day after). A TR-3B is the only explanation so far, that lines up with what I saw and filmed. Maybe similar looking, but the TR-3B, presuming it exists, cannot make the maneuvers this UFO Sightings makes. original source: www.mufon.com video edited by www.ufocasebook.com   Brooklyn, NY - 07-05-20

Black Triangle UFO


Elongated Elliptical UFO Silver-Platinum Color Reported

North Dayton, Ohio, 8:59 pm edt July 5, 2020. 88 degrees sparse clouds to southwest, northwest and east rest of sky clear, no cloud cover. Very light wind, 2-3 mph est. at ground level. Taking photos of cloud formations at sunset using i-phone and facing southwest; turned camera straight up to take a photo of the sky above me when noticed small UFO moving smoothly and rapidly west to east in left peripheral vision. Assumed a plane, attempted to record it using i-phone camera but do not believe it showed up on either the video or still images I attempted to take of it. The video attached shows me panning around the sky trying to find it. UFO Sighting remained a solid, opaque, highly-shined metallic pale silver-platinum color or else reflected sunlight and appeared that color. an Elongated Elliptical Shape solid in appearance without any lights or other observable features. Alternately watched it and tried to photograph it as it continued course. It appeared to me as an amateur observer to be quite large and moving rapidly at a very high altitude. I watched it for approximately 60 seconds before it was no longer visible to me. Cell phone uncharacteristically froze multiple times just after the "UFO Sighting". mufon cms#109918 Vandalia Ohio 2993 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

black cylinder UFO

Strange Glowing Red Orange UFO Sighting Reported

A friend and I were walking down the street so we could better see fireworks that were being set off in the neighborhoods when we both had a strange UFO Sighting of a Glowing Red and Orange Orb floating across the sky, about 50 feet above the treetops. Our first reaction was that this UFO Sighting definitely wasn't a firework, and was moving vertically, so couldn't be an ember. We were also alarmed by the Shape of this UFO Sighting, thinking maybe it was a lantern or something, but there was no wind and it was moving quickly. UFO was Oval and Glowing with a Bright Red top that looked almost arced, and the rest was Reddish Orange. I took out my phone and began to video it, and got 1 minute and 38 seconds before I stopped. UFO Sighting just kept going in a straight path off towards the foothills until it looked like a tiny star. After observing this for a total of about 5 minutes, we turned back to the direction we were walking before seeing the object, and saw an identical object, only much lower, appearing much larger (about 10 ft by 5 ft), about a block or two away, and it was just above the trees, and appeared to quickly drop. This second object was initially stationary when we saw it. It seemed almost like a Translucent Glowing Blob. I have never seen anything like this. We immediately hurried over towards where it appeared to be and saw a woman standing at the corner of the alley looking at her phone. I asked, "hey, you didn't by any chance just see anything weird in the sky over here, did you?" her jaw dropped and she asked if we'd seen the weird Glowing Red Jellyfish like looking blob fly over too (she described the same features we'd noticed). She said she'd seen it coming from the direction of the airport, which is close by, but was alarmed that it had no lights, and as it came closer to going over her, noticed it was too low to be any kind of plane and then it changed direction, taking a turn to the right, and started heading towards the foothills, which is when we saw it. She was busy still tying to see where it went and didn't see the second object. We all walked another block up to see if there was anything to indicate what we'd seen, and found nothing. We concluded that the area we saw there second one drop in was possibly in another street up. mufon cms# 109894 Boise Idaho 7/4/2020 Region has had 635 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Boy watching UFO Disk hovering over trees

Strange UFO Sighting during late night drive

I was driving on the freeway in the dark at 11:30 pm 7/2/20 and had been thinking about how my dad had a UFO Sighting and realized I believed him and then I was begging to see one in my mind and had done some internet searches on my long hour drive to my boyfriends as well last night about aliens and UFOs. Then a strange flashing UFO lit up in the left of the sky very far away. UFO Sighting was flashing red and then blue. It was shaped like a circus tent array of lights or sort of like a spider shape. UFO Sighting finally stayed red and started moving closer to the middle of the sky and closer to my car. I was still driving at this time. Then I was directly under it and I passed it. It was gone and I called my parents to tell them. During my phone call with my dad, it appeared again far to the left behind buildings and trees. It moved towards the middle of the sky in front of me about a few thousand years ((sic. yards)) up and then it started going back to the left again and slowly inclining higher into the sky towards the moon. That was when I saw three horizontal blue lights in the middle and a Black Disc within the array of red lights. I knew it was not a plane because it was going very random directions and it appeared twice and was following me. It was like they heard me ask them to show up and then they showed up for real! I have never UFO Sighting in my life until last night. I was on the I-405 south Santa Ana CA. nuforc.org

two black disk ufo

UFO Sighting investigations by FBI

UFO News today:  The Senate Intelligence Committee requested information on UFO Sightings from a number of agencies including the FBI. Hoover stopped UFO Sighting investigations in Sept 1947 although later on he did allow for some investigations near nuclear installations. Otherwise, FBI offices were to refer reports or leads to local USAF OSI districts. However, this was sometimes honor in breech.

Levelland. Dr.Donald Burleson in MUFON Journal #409 reported that Sheriff Weir Clem was admonished by the FBI to stop talking about the UFO Sighting incident. LIFE magazine sent a reporter and a photographer but the article was never published, and only the UFO photographs were only released later. Did the USAF or FBI intervene here?

Shippingsport Nuclear Reactor, PA 1957. Local press reported that the FBI and USAF were investigating.

Scorrco NM 1964. The NM FBI did not just pass on a lead to the OSI, but investigated extensively. It also investigated the Gallegos UFO sighting and found him credible.

Northern Tier 1975. Greenwood has two bankers' boxes of official docs here. There is FBI involvement.

On the Project 1947 website are docs from the Seattle FBI office. They are doing more then sharing leads. I have docs from other FBI offices, same there. Amusingly in a turn around from usual procedures, an OSI agent in Los Angeles calls the FBI first before reporting his UFO sighting to the Air Force. Credit J.Aldrich F.B

UFO Silver Disk

UFO hovering over ocean headed onshore reported

As I went outside to let my dog out, I happened to look up and sighted a Glowing Pink UFO in the sky with a Brighter, almost Yellowish Center, coming on shore and slowly moving west. As the UFO Sighting moved closer, roughly 500ft to a quarter mile to my north, I realized I had my phone in my pocket to video. When zooming in, you can clearly see an almost Orange Bullseye Pattern, looks like the UFO Sighting was Conducting some sort of Electricity. The Light started to then dim, as I got my son inside the house and when I looked back up (end of video), you can see a Dark UFO Hovering and no longer glowing, then I went inside and did not see anything after that. mufon cms# 109791 Long Branch New Jersey 62920 Region has had 1,765 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No photos, videos or other media provided.

UFO Disk Hovering over ocean


UFO News Today: Here we have a UFO Sighting Data Base that gives us a window into the detailed accounts of people reporting personal UFO Sightings encounters with strange atmospheric craft from the years of 1868 to 1968 complied by http://www.nicap.org

We must also mention here that Jacques Vallee's book Passport to Magonia, which explores the link between modern UFO visitations and UFO Sightings reports from antiquity of contact with these "space beings" is a must read for those who would like to explore the past regarding this UFO Phenomena subject.

Passport to Magonia UFO Sighting Database

Jacques Vallee's book Passport to Magonia


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