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Navy's Unreported Triangle UFO Sighting

McMillan correctly notes that the 2018 task force report “expressly stated that the potential for UAP to be ‘alien’ or ‘non-human’ technology was of legitimate consideration.” That report included photos taken by naval aviators on their personal cellphone cameras, which appear to show a cube-like UFO Sighting of the kind aviators described in the 2015 video-recorded incident. It is the 2020 report, however, which is most striking. Shared very widely across the civilian and military intelligence community, it includes an extraordinary photograph taken in late 2019 of a triangle-shaped UFO. The photograph was taken by a F/A-18F fighter jet operating off the U.S. East Coast. According to the report, the Triangle UFO Sighting rose out of the Atlantic Ocean and rapidly accelerated out of sight on a vertical axis. I believe, but have been unable to confirm, that the aircrew responsible for the photo were operating off either the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower or the USS John C. Stennis."  Confirmed Navy's Previously Unreported 2019 Triangle UFO Sighting   credit F.Stalter UFO Photo below was Navy's Operation Main-brace 1952
Operation Main Brace Navy's UFO Sighting

Massive UFO Sighting and possible extra terrestrial reported

I was walking my dog thru my neighborhood which is surrounded by dense woods on all sides on 30 November around 10:15 am. we came to the pond and I noticed all the geese were lined up in a straight row next to the street which was very unusual so I decided to take a picture of them. At this time my dog became very upset, scared, and was jumping up on my leg for me to pick up. I was trying to control him and continue our walk. We proceeded on several more yards and I took another picture of the trees on a hill next to the pond. At this point my dog is so upset he literally pulling me and running so we ran all the way back to my house. I looked at the two pictures and was shocked to see the first picture of the geese as to the left of them was a massive, dark, solid circular shape craft, looming probably to my best guess 800 feet or higher and maybe as wide or more, sitting on the ground and behind some trees, in the woods. The second picture shows a large reptilian alien type being high in the trees above the large green tree where I can see it's head, shoulders and arms. I got in my car and drove right back to this area and took pictures again of both areas and both the suspected UFO and reptilian alien being were both gone. Later that day I went back to this site with an EMF detector and it continued to spike large numbers in this area. This possible UFO Sighting also was sitting right next to the tidewater tower and propulsion building.  Making me wonder if it was garnishing energy of some type. It also looked as if trees and leaves were burned. I have checked my body and do not see any initial marks and do not believe I was Abducted. mufon cms# 112496 Magnolia Delaware 11/30/20 Region has had 205 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No photo's were uploaded.

NYUFO Saucer Shaped UFO

Incredible Shrinking UFO Abductee Video

UFOs appear to represent a very advanced technology. The extraterrestrial craft can move at dazzling speeds, turn at right angles, change into various shapes and even turn invisible. Another incredible talent of UFOs and extraterrestrials is their miraculous ability to change their size. They can make not only make themselves and their ships large or small, but they can also do this to human beings. This video features twenty UFO cases in which extraterrestrials display their seemingly magical technology, causing bizarre spatial anomalies of many kinds. UFOs that are bigger on the inside than the outside, miniature UFOs with tiny aliens, people who are struck by mysterious UFO beams of light that cause them to shrink or grow in size -- something very strange is happening here. The ETs' ability to manipulate space and time is undeniable. As these cases show, extraterrestrials have a technology that allows them to do things that are boggle the imagination. It's important that people know how truly advanced these beings are.

gray alien

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