US Air Force pilot 1958 UFO Encounter

When I was a US Air Force pilot stationed in Nice France I did see a UFO in the sky, actual size was hard to determine due to size, due to distance and lack of reference points. It was just there for 10 to 15 min, then it simply took off at incredible speed, fast enough that I knew it was not one of ours, IE not of this world. About a week before I was having a on and off augment with a buddy of mine, no they are not real, he was ya they are real, and so it was the same banter with no concussion. Minutes after the sighting while still in the air, I talked to ground control and they said they would send another plane up, but I know they did not. When I landed They told me is was best not to mention this incident to other’s, so that very much ended it. That night I got home and woke my wife up hey hon UFOs are real I just seen one today. As a backstory, deep down I did believe in UFOs because when I went to Vietnam July 4, 1967, Captain Cook who I had a great respect for, told me the story, that when he was flying he seen a UFO and he shot a missile at it, quickly glanced down at his instrument panel and looking back up, in that less than a quarter of a second, the UFO was gone. Later that same year he was flying over Hanoi Vietnam, and the missile site clipped his wing, it was really sad and next day when they played his voice cockpit recorder at the Brigade debriefing, he yelled to his copilot, hey John I’m going in to Torpedo the missile site, you can eject if you want. John did not do so they both went in together. I remember to this day the sad sad feeling of listening to their last transmission. UFO Sighting Event Location: Nice France Event Date 1958. Credit Jim Lawrence.

Vietnam July 4 1967 Air Force UFO encounter

UFO Researcher Brilliantly Connects The Dots

The UFO phenomenon has been an elusive mystery to the UFO research community. It has not been very repeatable, is almost impossible to measure, and doesn't seem to follow any of the laws of nature. The problem may be that we have started out on the wrong foot. UFOs have been subject to investigations over the years that varied widely in scope and scientific rigor. Governments or independent academics in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Peru, France, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, and the Soviet Union are known to have investigated UFO Sightings reports at various times. Among the best known government studies are the ghost rockets investigation by the Swedish military (1946–1947), Project Blue Book, previously Project Sign and Project Grudge, conducted by the USAF from 1947 until 1969, the secret U.S. Army/Air Force Project Twinkle investigation into green fireballs (1948–1951), the secret USAF Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14[44] by the Battelle Memorial Institute, and the Brazilian Air Force's 1977 Operação Prato (Operation Saucer). France has had an ongoing investigation (GEPAN/SEPRA/GEIPAN) within its space agency Center national d'études spatiales (CNES) since 1977; the government of Uruguay has had a similar investigation since 1989.

UFO Sightings over water

Peruvian Military Studies UFOs

LIMA Peru: UFO News:  The Herald of all the officers in all the armed forces of the world, perhaps none has a more unusual job than Peruvian air force Commander Julio Chamorro: to investigate  and perhaps prove  the existence of UFOs. As head of the Office to Investigate Aerial Phenomena, Chamorro directs a seven-member team in charge of studying what he calls “anomalies that could cause problems with aviation.” Ostensibly, the office investigates planes that veer off course and hang gliders that steer too close to military bases, but that’s not the crux of the work. Of the hundreds of calls received each month by the office, Chamorro says at least half are to report UFO sightings. And Chamorro believes many are credible. ”There are several mysteries that we believe are highly important and which merit our full attention.”

LIMA Peru UFO Sightings

UFO Hunt Creepy Sounds Video

Greetings and welcome to the first episode of UFO Hunt and Chill. I am a UFO hunter that lives in a UFO hot-spot here in Bucks County, PA. I have seen many incredible and unbelievable things here so join me as I go on UFO hunts and share whatever knowledge that I have about UFO hunting. I have seen UFOs, orbs, craft, other strange phenomena in the sky, and yes even an alien or two. Seriously. In this episode I heard some creepy screams and sounds when I first got to the UFO hunting location.

  UFO Hunter 


UFO Alien Human Interactions Video

UFO News Today: Barry E. Taff holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering. He worked at UCLA's former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. He also was investigated as a psychic subject, the results of which were published in Behavioral Neuropsychiatry. He is author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown. His website is Here he summarizes his thoughts on the literature of ufology, and also shares a number of relevant personal experiences. One striking episode involves an ostensible UFO Alien abduction of a woman with whom he was intimately involved. Another episode includes a mysterious pregnancy. Yet another episode involves a personal encounter, in the waking state, with alien entities. He explores the disturbing hypothesis that aliens have been engaging in genetic experiments with humans for more than a 100,000 years.

Recent UFO Sightings in the United States

Tennessee UFO Sighting Nashville Report: This is my fourth MUFON report and the triangle shaped craft was not visible when I took the picture with my iPhone on the morning dog walk on January 8, 2020. It was not discovered until I reviewed the picture. The “craft” is the same as May 2019, except that it is closer with the picture taken from the same spot. I believe the light in the center is Mercury or Venus (I have a star chart app). As noted previously I was aware of the UFO Sighting phenomenon but never paid that much attention until a series of orbs were clearly visible at an evening party in October 2016. Since then I look up a bit more with the expectation that perhaps something will be visible. As part of my daily routine I walk our dogs a couple of miles very early in the morning. Over the past several years I have had a dozen or so UFO sightings of various types mostly in the early morning before the sun rises. Also, in reflecting on these “events” I recently recalled awaking in our bedroom 17 years ago. There were two green lights the size of a dime without a beam or light source visible roaming around the room as if they were looking for something.

Tennessee UFO Sighting Nashville Report

Debunking UFO Documents

UFO News Today: The modern history of the UFO phenomenon is littered with the wreckage of alleged government/military documents about unidentified flying objects that have not held up after intense scrutiny. In the process of examining such documents, perhaps the most important aspect of said examinations is the search for the original source. The point of origin. Whenever a document surfaces that is somehow connected to the UFO Sighting problem, the lack of provenance is perhaps the red flag which stands out the most. The Majestic-12 documents are a prime example of such alleged documentation which has not held up to examination, although their authenticity is still a point of debate to this very day. Unfortunately, the Majestic-12 documents have no provenance. None whatsoever, which makes the attempts to validate them somewhat moot, but, like other cases, documents, and testimony that have been debunked, they have a life of their own. The Aztec, Aurora, Maury Island, and San Agustin cases come to mind, hoaxes all. The testimonials of Frank Kaufmann (hoaxed,) Clifford Stone (embellished,) and Gerald Anderson (misleading,) also come to mind. They are the stuff of legend. The UFO field has a penchant for ignoring red flags, even to the point of accepting data which is invalid. That is a shame. Thank you for the privilege of your time. credit William Pullin

Majestic-12 documents UFO Files

UFO Chases AT-6 Fighter Plane Video

I was videotaping UFO Sightings on a regular basis from my back porch in Tilton NH. To practice catching UFOs on film I would often practice on airplanes. One I afternoon I saw a plane doing aerobatics so I filmed it. I did not realize until after I had watched the footage that I had also caught a UFO. The UFO Sighting appears to manifest behind the Plane at the end of a barrel roll and paces the planes speed exactly. This is one of many unexplained objects I have managed to catch on tape. The airport this plane took of from is in Concord New Hampshire almost thirty miles away. This footage is of an AT-6 World War 11 fighter plane and the UFO is what is known as a foo fighter.

AT-6 Fighter Plane UFO Chase                 

Main Brace incidents a UFO classic

In a year dominated by news reports of UFO sightings, Pentagon officials half-joked with Naval Intelligence that they should keep an eye out for aliens during the NATO exercises, said Edward Ruppelt, the U.S. Air Force captain in charge of the top-secret Project Blue Book UFO investigations.

As it turns out, they weren’t off base. “No one really expected the UFOs to show up,” Ruppelt wrote in his 1956 book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects. “Nevertheless, once again the UFOs were their old unpredictable selves they were there. The UFO Sightings That Pushed the UK to take UFOs more serious credit S. Agermose

Main Brace incidents a UFO classic

The Papua New Guinea 1959 UFO incident

According to renowned UFO investigator, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, one of the most well-documented "close encounters of the third kind" occurred in the Anglican mission village at Boianai, Papua, New Guinea, which was, at the time of the incident, still a territory of Australia. 

The Australian Anglican Church was very involved in missionary work, and ardent in sending its heralds to the island nation.

One of these was the Father William Booth Gill.

Gill was highly thought of by his co-hearts, and all those who knew him. As far as the occurrence of extraordinary events was concerned, Gill was skeptical, to say the least, especially being a devoted Church worker.

The first hint of the events to come, began on April 5, 1959, when Gill saw a light on the uninhabited Mount Pudi. This light, Gill stated, moved faster than anything he had ever seen.

A month or so later, his assistant, Stephen Moi, saw an "inverted saucer-shaped object" in the sky above the mission. Gill dismissed these UFO sightings as some sort of electrical or atmospheric phenomena.

Little did he know, that these events, whatever they were, had drawn their attention to the sky above them, and soon William Gill would have one of the most celebrated UFO sightings to ever be documented, which was validated by a whole group of additional witnesses.

This extraordinary event would take place at 6:45 P.M., June 26, 1959. Father Gill saw what he described as a bright white light to the Northwest. Word of the sight spread quickly, and within a few moments, Gill was joined by no less than thirty-eight additional witnesses, including Steven Moi, Ananias Rarata, and Mrs Nessle Moi.

According to sworn statements, these thirty-plus individuals watched a four-legged, disc-shaped object approximately the size of 5 full moons lined up end to end. This unbelievable craft was hovering over the mission!

To their utter surprise, they saw four human-like figures that seemed to be performing a kind of task. Now and then one of the figures would disappear, only to reappear in a moment or two.

A blue light would shine up from the craft at what seemed to be regular intervals. The witness watched the craft and its activities for a full forty-five minutes, until the shining ship rose into the sky, and disappeared at 7:30 P.M.

Glued to the sky, the witnesses would see several smaller objects appear at 8:30, and twenty minutes later, the first craft reappeared. This phenomenal occurrence would last an incredible four hours, until cloud cover obscured the view at 10:50. Father Gill prepared a full written report of this event, and 25 other observers signed the document.

Papua, New Guinea Map This first sighting, a once in a lifetime occurrence, would incredibly be followed by another sighting the very next night. At 6:00 P.M., the larger object appeared again, with its occupants. It was shadowed by two of the smaller objects.

In William Gill's own words: "On the large one, two of the figures seemed to be doing something near the center of the deck. They were occasionally bending over and raising their arms as though adjusting or "setting up" something. One figure seemed to be standing, looking down at us."

(In a moment of anticipation, Gill raised his arms and waved to the figure.)

"To our surprise the figure did the same. Ananias waved both arms over his head; then the two outside figures did the same. Ananias and myself began waving our arms, and all four seemed to wave back. There seemed no doubt that our movements were answered... "

Gill and Ananias continued to occasionally wave, and their waves were returned. Another witness, Eric Kodawara, waved a torch, and there were acknowledgments from the craft. Gill went inside to eat, but when he came back, the craft was still there, only farther away (smaller).

After a Church service, at 7:45, Gill again came outside to look for the craft, but clouds had appeared, and there was no sight of the object. The very next evening, the shining craft would make one more appearance.

Gill counted eight of them at 6:45.

At 11:20, Gill heard a loud bang on the roof of the mission. Going outside to see what had happened, he spied four UFOs in a circle around the building. These four craft were extremely high in the sky. The roof was checked for damage the next morning, but none was found.

The aftermath of the event would bring unsubstantiated explanations. The noted UFO debunker Dr. Donald H. Menzel offered his explanation thus: He claims that Father Gill, who suffered from myopia (nearsightedness), had "probably" not been wearing his corrective lenses, and misidentified the planet Venus, which was prevalent in the evening skies during this period.

This was NOT true; Gill WAS wearing his glasses, and in either event, what about the other witnesses to the event.

Menzel also asserted that the Papuans were ignorant, native people who worshiped Gill, and believed anything he told them. This was a surefire way to debunk the 30+ witnesses.

As to the Venus connection, Gill knew where Venus was during this UFO sighting, and had even pointed it out separately to the unknown craft. Gill would be criticized for "leaving such an extraordinary sight" to go eat dinner, but his response is that he did not think of the craft as extraterrestrial at the time.

He believed that it was an American or Australian craft, and that if it did land, that ordinary human beings would emerge.

Gill was scheduled to return to Australia soon, and it afforded an excellent opportunity to get his documentation of the case to the appropriate authorities.

All investigators found Gill to be an intelligent, impressive individual. One of the most respected civilian groups, the Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society stated:

"Gill's reports constitute the most remarkable testimony of intensive UFO Sighting activity ever reported to civilian investigators. They were unique because for the first time, credible witnesses had reported the presence of humanoid beings associated with UFOs." credit Dennis Schaap

The Papua, New Guinea UFO incident (1959)

U.S Navy UFO Sightings Grave Threat to National Security

UFO News Today: The U.S Department of Defense has top-secret classified briefings and a classified video about UFO Sighting incidents. 2019 was the year that UFOs became real, with their existence even being officially acknowledged by the US Navy on multiple occasions. But in 2020, the Navy is saying that while it is true that they cannot explain what type of craft "UFO" are in the videos, that releasing what they know about it would ‘gravely damage’ our national security. But you and I who believe the Bible know what’s going on, because we have already had the only ‘official briefing’ that matters. credit Geoffrey Grider

US UFO Sightings Grave Threat to National Security

Triangle UFO Sighting of Kaikoura Mystery

UFO News Today: We disclose this information for no reason other than to inform the film crew, pilot and co-pilot of what they really witnessed four decades ago. We hope to draw the interest of those who were involved. The people that were present DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH as the New Zealand Defense Force has restricted access to the original case files till the year 2040 / 2050. On the 31st of December 1978 a film team went on board of an Argossy airplane for an interview with the crew. On the 20th and 21st of December another aircraft had reported several UFO Sightings and this was the reason for the interview by Mr. Fogarty and his crew. The pilot - and co-pilot were not the ones that had reported the event. Only ten minutes into the flight their was a first UFO encounter. The cameraman quickly changed the lens of his camera to a 100 mm / 240 mm zoom lens and after midnight on the 1st of January 1979 he filmed several UFO that during the entire flight followed and approached the plane. He recorded the UFO Sighting from the windows of the cockpit and the presence of these unidentified flying objects were also confirmed by Wellington Radar and Air Traffic Control. This event is commonly known as the Kaikoura UFO Sighting Mystery and the journalist, Mr. Quentin Gogarty, wrote a beautiful book about it titled: Let's Hope They Are Friendly. Interesting fact: Mr. Fogarty saw something with his eyes that the old video does not not show you. He mentioned in the video that the UFO appeared to be "rolling and turning". So was he right? No one knew that the original 16 mm film still existed. Fogarty's crew had some very bad (personal) experiences after their film had been shown in the media. They have been ridiculed and called fantasists. As most of the reactions about their eye-witness report were negative, in some cases hostile, despite its importance this film was never supposed to be published! Flux, one of our team members, who lives in New-Zealand performed his own in-depth research into the Kaikoura UFO Sighting and his good nose led him in 2015 to the original 16 mm film. Long story short: The 16 mm had been digitized by a top notch film laboratory and our team received 4 High Definition videos of Blue-Ray quality. We almost fainted as they arrived as for the first time we had UFO material of the best possible quality. After you have watched the presentation you will agree that the bright object can no longer be dismissed with a simple explanation and you will understand why this UFO Sighting encounter frightened them and afterwards had such an enormous impact on their lives. For the passed 40 years these UFO only lived in their memory but they never knew what they really looked like in full close up... until today! Without Flux's curiosity the world never would have seen what you are about to see. We dedicate this presentation to all who were present that night and witnessed a UFO Sighting encounter. This presentation does not provide any answer to the question what these UFO Sightings are! We only provide undeniable visual evidence that they exist. credit Stig Agermose

The Triangle UFO Mystery of Kaikoura, New Zealand                        

UFO Sighting Reports Skyrockets for 2019 New York Residents

Thirty-five New York residents reported seeing Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in 2019; three times the twelve who reported such sightings the year. Manhattan and Queens each had 12 sightings, followed by Brooklyn with eight, Staten Island with two and the Bronx with only one sighting. In New York State, there was a 52% increase in UFO sightings from 108 in 2018 to 164 in 2019, according to the New York Post. Some of the reports included people seeing “silver, cigar-shaped” space vehicles, and a “bright green orbs”.


UFO Sightings 2019 North America Reports

An increase of 6,000 reported cases of UFO Sightings in North America alone. California, Florida, Washington states were among the highest in reported cases of UFO SightingsABC news UFO Sightings in North America jumped to nearly 6,000 in 2019   California led the country last year with the most number of UFO observations to the site: 485 in total, an increase of 182 sightings from 2018. Florida came in second with 385 sightings in 2019, which was 156 more reports than in 2018, according to UFO Reporting Center data. Washington came in third with 222 reports last year, which represented an increase of 51 from 2018, according to the site.

UFO Sightings 2019 North America Reports

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