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Bright Orange Fireball Orb over Reservoir UK Reported

I was driving home past Foremark Reservoir, near Ticknall. along Repton road. as I approached the reservoir main entrance, I noticed a bright orange Orb light in the direction of the water itself. this was strange to me, as it almost looked like the sun, but the sun had set some time previously and it was dark at this point. I found a place to turn around and went back to the same place where, to my surprise, the Orange Orb light was still visible. I could not see the source of the light at this point, but it looked very much like rays of sunlight glowing through the trees. I parked my car in the lay-by that everyone uses to gain access to the reservoir and walked into the woodland, through to the car park of Foremark Reservoir itself. hovering directly above the small island in the middle of the reservoir was a bright orange ball Orb. to the naked eye, it appeared to be the same size an egg. With my arm stretched out directly in front of me, and my fingers measuring the object, it appeared to be around 3-4 inches in circumference. The object was roughly 300-400 feet away from me at this time and was not making any noise or movement. I immediately took my mobile phone out of my pocket and tried to record a video of the light. At this point, my phone (huawei p30 pro) froze and I was unable to open the camera. after a few seconds, I tried again and received a message saying that my phone camera had overheated and was unusable. after another 30 seconds or so, 3 or 4 smaller orange orbs slowly floated out of the bottom of the larger orb and stayed perfectly still beneath it. they then began to move towards the water, coming to a stop about 6 to 8 feet above the surface. Their glow was reflected by the water and they seemed to be lighting up the water beneath them. Each orb flashed intermittently, which lit up the whole reservoir. After another minute or so, the smaller lights returned to the large light that was still airborne. in the time it took me to take three steps forwards, the larger orb had ascended some 100-150 feet into the air and then slowly moved to the south. It made no noise at all and moved in a perfectly straight line, without so much as a wobble or vibration. after a few seconds, this light then fell rapidly into the trees beneath. I could see the light shining through the tree line and casting shadows onto the car park. I walked around the outside of this woodland area, staying on the road that leads out of the reservoir and observed the light for a further 2 or 3 minutes. I tried to take some photos or videos again, but my phone camera still would not work. By the time I had put my phone back into my pocket and looked back at the trees, the light was gone completely. I rushed back to my car, as it was my intention to use my headlights to illuminate the tree line to search for an object or craft of some kind. When I tried to unlock my car, nothing happened. I pressed the button on my key numerous times and the car remained locked. After about 30 seconds of trying, the car unlocked and I was able to get inside. Once I had turned on the engine, I noticed that my headlights were not working. I turned the dial next to my steering wheel multiple times and tried to turn on the high beams, but they remained off. I then had to turn the engine off and start the ignition a further three times in order for the lights to come on. Once I got back to the woodland area where I had seen the orange light land, and shone my lights into the trees, I was not able to see anything at all. I walked into the woods, around 30 feet or so, but could not see anything and there was no sign of disturbance or recent activity. At this point, I left the reservoir and have not seen the light again since.  My phone kept freezing when I was pressing the button to take a photo. mufon cms# 111469 Ticknall England UK 9/17/20 Region has had 2,220 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Fireball Orb

UFO Sighting Large Rectangular Craft Telepathic Communication Reported

I have witnessed several orbs that are so similar to stars in the night sky that are moving and burning brighter and brighter almost illuminating for my attention. Then after one and a half hours of viewing taking pictures I used my video recorder on my I-phone to tape a triangular craft move over my head, after an orb shot across the sky. There was no cloud cover although tonight there is. The reason why I am sending this UFO Sighting report is because I understand their able to reach me telepathically and they said that I am ready for third kind. And last night at 3:30 am I was awoken by a large hissing of air and a figure appeared behind me and said Russians was responsible. It was loud enough to wake me. I am so scared now. They honestly talk about what they are doing with people and the reasons for doing it and what I can expect and so forth. I think their masquerading as a space force but I hope that's at least true. There was a Russian submarine spotted in the bay next to my town 2 years ago. So I don't know what to believe. mufon cms# 110976 Bundoran Ireland 8/16/20 Region has had 7 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

UFO Saucer Shape

Orb translucent metallic UFO Sighting close encounter Illinois U.S.

My girlfriend had her alarm set for 4 a.m. to go to work. I wake up and crack the door open and let the dog out and have a cigarette. I live in a rural area with no phone signal for miles and fee houses. Visibility very clear. this didn't go as usual, first off I have deeply studied the UFO Sighting phenomenon and this was really compared to anything I have seen. I would take a lie detector test no problem! so the alarm goes off at 3:45 to 4:00 a.m. on her work days. The alarm goes off and I get up, it is quiet way out here in the country. I head for the door and as I enter the dining room outside I hear a Humming High Voltage sound, it's pretty loud. I open the door and let the dog out and I hear the sound and it sounds like it is very close. I can tell it starts to get quiet and I step out on the porch and I do not see anything. The sound is growing faint and I am on the sidewalk by the well at this point. I look up and I would say about 10 feet above me the UFO Sighting starts to become visible at this point the noise is gone. It is like looking through a galaxy kind of like a lava lamp dark to blood red and it is going straight up. It had to be landed and cloaked I'm certain of it although it was invisible because I would have seen it. It started to turn a yellow orange color and was like a translucent metallic object at this point. It was going straight up really slow and it was fighting a magnetic field I think. idk why but I suddenly felt threatened a bit I guess and I headed for the porch I'm certain we were observing each other we were both curious. I remember I was a bit concerned of an abduction and I got on the porch a few feet from the door and I took my phone out. I just had got the phone and didn't play with it in the evening and had no clue where the cam was. I looked briefly but felt further threatened and I put the phone in my pocket as I went for the door. The object was raising straight up and then it went west above the tree tops like touching them almost. It was very bright at this point like a star the leaves were illuminated like the sun was hitting them, like an eclipse almost. I wanted to go around the house and watch it but was very concerned. I ran inside and told her what happened and when I came back out it was gone. I think but I didn't stick around. I regret not seeing it take off but it should have still been visible when I went back out. it had to shoot off. I 100 % believe this was extraterrestrial it was like it was alive almost if it wasn't for the high voltage take off I may have thought it was an entity it was very strange. I could not find evidence but I did put grass in a bag from where I thought it was parked. the dog was not really responsive to the event that was strange too. I am curious if radar picked it up and if there is records. mufon cms # 111455 Illinois U.S. 8/6/20 Region has had 2,649 Reported UFO Sightings  to date.

Saucer shaped hovering UFO Sighting 

Hoovering UFO Sighting Became Visible when I flashed a light

First I am a veteran and worked on aircraft when in military, am not a nut case. This "UFO Sighting" happened a couple of weeks ago. If it hadn't been an unusual event I wouldn't have reported it. This is what happened everything happened in just a few seconds. It was late dusk I couldn't see the object until I shined a flashlight up in the sky. It became visible, then faded or disappeared without moving in only a few seconds. I've seen UFOs before but never reported them. I've never seen one appear when you shined a flashlight on it, then faded sitting in one spot. UFO Sighting had many lights around the outside and I could see 3 red bubble lights under it at 90 degrees. I think there was a 4th light but was hidden behind a dark part of the cloud. I jokingly shined the flashlight up in the sky, because it was getting late dusk. I know a dumb thing to do. It was sitting right there in plain sight when I shined the light on it, then faded out in only a few seconds. I estimate the object was approximately 300 feet above ground. It was right there in front of me. I could only see about 3/4 of it as the heavier part of the cloud hid the remaining part of craft. The only reason I am reporting this is because they may be sitting right under our noses, but a light exposes them at dusk. I want no recognition, which could cause ridicule. mufon cms# 111393 Wolcott New York 8/26/20 This Region had had 3,950 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

flying saucer UFO hovering over trees

UFO Sighting Encounters And Physical Evidence A Case Study

UFO News: While there are thousands and thousands of UFO sightings on record over the decades, many of which have been captured on film or in photographs, UFO Sightings incidents that leave behind physical evidence are, at least relatively speaking, a little rarer. There are still many such encounters on record, however. As well as an underlying feeling in many in the UFO News community that such physical evidence has been retrieved and hidden away from the public.

green saucer shaped hovering UFO

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