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New York UFO Sighting

was thinner than a blimp, but fatter than cigar-shaped. UFO Sighting had no wings, no windows and it was flying low enough that features like this would've been perceptible.UFO appeared to be made of metal and it was close enough that I could see ribbed features, almost able to make out bolts in it …

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Strange UFO Sighting Reported Tuckahoe New York

It was a hazy Saturday morning a few hours before it snowed so the sky was pretty white, like one big cloud. I was relatively close to Westchester NY Airport so I thought, "perhaps it's a plane with really bright lights because it's so hazy." but shortly after I saw this extremely bright, led-like U…

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Oval Shaped UFO Sighting Photo reported

Was taking fall foliage pictures locally on the afternoon of Tuesday 11/3/2015. Didn't seen the UFO initially. I was about to edit my photo set, some time later and was about to delete this picture when I noticed the strange UFO Sighting near the front of the nose of the airplane. Also at least one …

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