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UFO Sighting over Military Base reported

I woke up one morning and remembered a UFO Sighting event that occurred while I was in the army at Fort Stewart Georgia I had no recollection of this event before that incident , I remembered I was on guard duty guarding ammunition bunkers which contained battlefield nukes, I remember seeing a Disc Shape UFO about a mile away it moved very quickly over a bunker and shot down a beam into the bun…

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UFO Sighting reported of Four Pyramid shape UFOs

While inside my home I noted a UFO Sighting approximately 15 miles south east of the Tappa GPS intersection at an estimated 35,000' that appeared suddenly and traveling south. The UFO Sighting appeared pointed at the front and wider at the rear like a Pyramid that had been stretched out. Almost as soon as I noticed the first UFO a second identical object appeared flying in formation with the fi…

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Pentagon in Crisis Over UFO Debris Disclosure

Retrieved UFO debris study is being conducted under the cover of advanced weapons and aerospace materials research programs. This use of scientists within the private sector and in academia to learn more about UFO Alien ET-related technical matters has long been suspected by many UFO researchers. And the reply received by the DIA now confirms this. The scientists given grants to wo…

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Roswell UFO Debris Created Our Advanced Tech

UFO News: Anthony Bragalia, UFO Sighting researcher wrote that the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) did not deny the fact that the military recovered the wreckage from the UFO crash site in New Mexico, 1947. It has been revealed officially that the material of the UFO was given to the DIA for analysis, and its properties did not match any material known to man (Including Memory Met…

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Tunguska Siberia Explosion 1908 Possible UFO

Recently released CIA documents reveal that top Russian scientists came to the conclusion through radiation testing and carefully revisiting eyewitness accounts that the catastrophic Tunguska Meteor explosion in Siberia was, in fact, an exploding UFO

Sibir newspaper, 2 July 1908: Tunguska Siberia Explosion UFO Sighting Eyewitness Report:

On the morning of 17th of June,…

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NYUFO Mission is to Publicly Research the UFO Sighting Enigma

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There are many intentional UFO Sightings forgeries. Other physical evidence such as falling debris from the sky or crashed UFOs have turned out also to be terrestrial in nature and forgeries. From mistaken terrestrial phenomena to personal gain to misleading the facts of UFO Sightings. The Unidentified Flying Object phenomena has been denied and not taken seriously by the majority of the general public and the main stream media.

Their are many cases where citizens without seeking publicity or personal gain have had sightings of bizarre aerial lights and or UFOs displaying non-conventional maneuvers who have come forward and reported their experience.

Once a person has had an encounter with something totally Bizarre, beyond every day reality, the experience is truly an awe inspiring experienced moment. To further enhance an encounter our mind tries to discern between terrestrial or extraterrestrial in nature trying to distinguish between Science Fiction from Modern Technology. When failing to recognize and analyze such an Enigma we seek and search for answers.

Our approach to this subject we must look beyond the dogma belief views and consensus reality and face this Enigma freshly with personal objectiveness flavored with some skepticism. WE must always strive to create a balance between UFO Facts & Fiction.

NYUFO believes by Publicly Researching this Phenomena we can bring this Enigma to the forefront of Public Awareness. To better understand this phenomena please share your Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Sightings with us. Your Privacy is the utmost important goal in our search for the truth, so please you can either Publicly or Privately Submit your UFO Sighting report by using our Application.

As a Non Profit website we are not interested in collecting user information nor selling such information.  We would only appreciate if you would, to share any personal experience that you may have regarding a UFO/ET encounter. Thank You. 

NY UFO seeks the truth about this UFO Phenomena...NY UFO About page 

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