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Latest UFO Sighting Video 2/6/16 Beaumont California

February 8, 2016

The ridge line where this Latest UFO Sighting happened is the mountainous area that lies between Beaumont, and San Jacinto, California. There are no buildings,or known construction in that area. Saturday , approx. 8 pm, I sighted a small UFO light fly by & apparently land, on the Ridge, in direct l…

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UFO Sightings observed by Military? Over the United Kingdom

February 8, 2016

Tony while sat camera ready to film a UFO Sighting he may have became the object of observation by a C130 Hercules that circled his house eleven times back and forth. After looking at various images, the analysis of the plane being observed by UFOs was made. The story of what the plane was possibly…

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60,000 UFO Sightings can't be wrong Seattle insists

February 8, 2016

60,000 UFO Sightings Can't Be Wrong, Seattleite Insists" - By Peter Lewis, Times Staff Reporter

In their most commonly reported form, the aliens have large heads and stand 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall. Their enormous eyes rest under a transparent helmet.

Clad in jumpsuits adorned with insignias, t…

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