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UFO Alien Sighting Missing Time

I was staying overnight at my friends house were awakened early, told by friend's mother to go look for the dog, we went outside. it was a Sunday, no traffic, no one. bob went one way, I went the other way, walking down the center of the street, looked up and it was right there. UFO Sighting was a d…

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Green Orb with spiraling lines photo

For a week prior to this UFO Sighting what first appeared to be a satellite was being seen in the same general area (south southwest) at roughly the same general time (10:00pm-10:30 pm). The sighting was silvery white and looked like a star, though it was was much closer and brighter. The initial th…

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New York UFO Sighting

was thinner than a blimp, but fatter than cigar-shaped. UFO Sighting had no wings, no windows and it was flying low enough that features like this would've been perceptible.UFO appeared to be made of metal and it was close enough that I could see ribbed features, almost able to make out bolts in it …

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