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UFO Sighting two UFOs with windows down side reported

Whilst in bed with curtains open at approx 10.30pm on Saturday 4th April, my partner saw in the distance in the sky an orange UFO light . Whilst it gained her attention she noticed another orange UFO light running parallel but slightly behind the first. As the two UFO Sightings grew closer she got o…

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Green UFO Sighting had a blue pulse

I work as a engineer on a survey vessel and around the 28th of august 2008, I was doing my normal routine checks coming out of the engine room door I looked up at the exhaust stacks just to see the smoke coming for our engines when I noticed what appeared to be a thin straight white line, at first I…

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Black Triangle UFO Sighting Canadian Report

Good day, last night I was witness to a UFO Sighting here in Qualicum Beach , BC. it was about 10:30 pm and my daughter and I where on our outside hotter when all of a sudden we saw the most amazing and longest shooting star we have ever seen, after seeing this, we started talking about UFOs and my …

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