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UFO Alien Presence on Earth a Mental Invasion? 42015


UFO Alien News 2015:

UFO Alien Presence on Earth a Mental Invasion?

Joseph Burkes MD

Is an extraterrestrial presence on Earth a “mental invasion?”
The statement was made on another FB page that the apparent ET presence here on Earth is a “mental inv…

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Color Changing UFO Sightings over Canada Video 41915


UFO Sightings News 2015:

Color changing UFO Sightings over Canada Video 

Published on Apr 16, 2015

UFO News : Color Changing UFO Recorded From Mobile Phone and Canada Sightings

The first video is of "orb" shaped object hovering first it looked like a meteor and then its started changi…

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UFO Sightings Large Oval UFO Antonio Texas Video 41915


UFO Sightings News Today 2015:

Large Oval Shape UFO captured on video over Antonio Texas 

Published on Apr 15, 2015

In 2003 A Huge Oval Shape U.F.O Craft was captured traveling over San Antonio,Texas..UP-DATE 2015 video Analyzed with Captures added Filers..You can clearly see this Oval S…

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Kodachrome Color Slides 1947-49 Non Human Alien Entities 41915


UFO News Today 2015:

Kodachrome Color Slides 1947-49 non human Alien entities

The alleged description of retrieved Alien bodies having a slight build about 5 feet tall, with grayish-pink skin color. Their overall stature reminds one of young children. Data taken from Paragraph 11 Top Secret Ul…

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Scotland 1979 Dechmont Woods UFO Alien Encounter 41915


UFO Alien Encounter News 2015:

UFO Alien Encounter Forester Encounters Mine-Like Entities in Scotland (the Dechmont Woods Encounter)

Date: November 9, 1979
Location: Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom
Robert Taylor, a forester from West Lothian, Scotland, encountered a strange object and …

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UFO Sightings Are Not Random Events 41915


UFO Sightings News 2015:

UFO sightings Are Not Random Events 

An Alternative to “the Night of Lights” Might be a “Night of Remembering” Joseph Burkes MD

Contactees report having recurrent dreams sometimes called the "night of lights" in which …

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Latest UFO Sightings Over Colorado News Report Video 41815


UFO Sightings Daily 2015

Latest UFO Sightings over Colorado News Video 

Published on Apr 17, 2015

The state of Colorado has been hit by a wave of UFO sightings, in this news report the police, news reporter and civilians all report the same thing UFO's flying over their heads and not one…

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UFO Alien Communication Through Crop Circles now Cloud Formations? 41815


UFO Alien News Today 2015:

UFO Alien Communication through Crop Circles now Cloud formations? 


If UFO Intelligence communicates with crop circles, could “cloud formations” be next? 
Joseph Burkes MD 2015

One sunny afternoon in August of 2009 I was driving…

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