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Strange Black Rectangle UFO Sighting Reported Washington State

A Large slow-moving Black Rectangle UFO Sighting in the sky over Camas WA was reported. We saw it for about 10 seconds, sometime between 8:30 and 8:40 pm April 11. Our UFO Sighting was east of PDX Airport and north of the Columbia river. It was moving to the north and completely black, no lights. I…

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FBI UFO Alien Sightings Case Files 1950s

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has broken its silence on the most popular file in its digital vault.
The one-page memo, dated March 22, 1950, was addressed to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover from Guy Hottel, then head of the FBI's Washington, D.C., field office. It relayed some info…

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Cylindrical Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Over Hillsborough NJ

2021-03-21 UFO Sighting reported over Hillsborough NJ I was looking Eastward towards the moon and noticed it was about at first quarter. That would make the sun approximately 90 degrees away in the sky. The moon’s terminator was not perpendicular to the horizon and I was thinking about the spatial …

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Floating Black UFO turning luminous red reported Illinois

I was outside at around 4:00 pm, going for a walk. I noticed in the sky ahead of me there was this Blackish-Brownish Orb, just kind of sitting in the sky. Not really going in any direction side to side, but possibly moving a way from me because it looked like it was getting slightly smaller. If I ha…

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