UFO Sighting Green Orb with white lights Hot Springs Village 5-18-16

July 17, 2016

UFO Sighting Hot Springs Village 5-18-16

I was driving home on Hwy 7 from work one evening and seen a beautiful sunset, so I pulled over to the side of the road and rolled down my window. I just started taking pictures and did not even see anything there, I am actually surprised I didn't notice it. 

Well about a week or so later I …

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Wikileaks Documents released UFOs & Alien Life exists

July 26, 2016
Wikileaks Documents UFO Aliens real
UFO News: For we as a humanity to truly understand how we can move forward and bring solutions to the many problems we face, we must first know how our world truly is. Prominent Lithuanian politician says that there are a “group of UFOs, who are making influence from the Cosmos.” That “there exists a decreasing group of persons, who are trying to rationally analyze the situation and objectively evaluate what is happening.Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Nobutaka Machimura Says UFOs definitely exist.
This is a cable from Japan that shows how the Chief Cabinet Secretary was unhappy with the governments official view rejecting the existence of UFOs. The document goes on to describe how he stated in a press conference that “I am sure that unidentified flying objects exist, otherwise it is impossible to explain the Nazca Lines (In Peru), is not it?”"
In a platitude-ridden meeting, Dushanbe Mayor Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev said upcoming elections would be free and fair, that contributions to the Roghun Dam were voluntary, and that the losses suffered by the United States in Afghanistan were felt by Tajiks as their own. Ubaidulloev asked for help in getting Tajik students admitted to Harvard University, but effectively declined to help find a new location for an American Corner in Dushanbe. He asserted the existence of life on other planets, caveating this by noting that we should focus on solving our problems on Earth. End Summary."
 Wikileaks Documents Surface Confirming The Existence of ET Life & UFOs  TRUEDISCLOSURE.COM credit Luis De Belo Morais

Dark Journalist Explores ET UFO Military UFO Time Lines Montauk Project

July 24, 2016

UFO Sightings Triangle UFO Photo

In this exciting part 2 episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back the insightful author and publisher Alexandra Bruce for a deep revealing interview on UFOs, MILAB, Time line Manipulation and Dimensional Doorways being opened by the CERN Hadron Collider. 

Alexandra, a Brown University graduate, former MTV producer and independent filmmaker is the publisher of the popular ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net website that acts as an open source video network and features her unique writing style that explores eclectic themes like Deep State Politics, Alternative Healing, Free Energy, UFO Technology, Directed Energy Weapons, HAARP Weather Manipulation and more! 

Exotic Technology
In this rare exclusive interview, Alexandra describes her personal journey of making sense of her early UFO encounters in Brazil and seeking out renowned Harvard Professor John Mack to try and regress her memory blocks around Alien Abduction. She describes her deep investigation into the Philadelphia Experiment and her tracking down of witnesses to the event and the Exotic Invisibility Technology that the US Navy developed to confuse enemy countries. Eventually the trail led her to the strange revelations of a Black Budget research lab known as The Montauk Project at Montauk Air Force Station in Long Island, New York.. 

The Montauk Project
Alexandra's original classic book dealing with The Montauk Project brought it to public awareness with its bizarre tales of Time Travel, Energy Manipulation, Psychic Consciousness, Astral Travel, Remote Viewing and Alternate Dimensions. She discovered witnesses who claimed to be part of a UFO Crash Retrieval team who said that they were being used on these black project experiments merging Human DNA with Alien technology. She also questioned a participant in his late teens who claimed that his consciousness had been placed in a younger vehicle after surviving many years as a soldier in Vietnam! 

Was it all just an elaborate psy-op developed by the psychological mission branch of the military? Or did the experiments really take place? Many of the odd predictions surrounding the project seem to be coming to pass. The fascinating links between the Philadelphia Experiment, The Montauk Project, UFO Technology and the CERN Hardon Collider suggest that it is a technological continuum designed to develop an exchange system with an alternate dimension. This deep investigation is a startling breakthrough into the truly bizarre territory of deep black military project testing and human experiments.

Eerie, unnerving, controversial, eye-opening and shocking. you don't want to miss this powerful Dark Journalist episode! Visit http://www.DarkJournalist.com  VIEW UFOs CERN TIMELINES MONTAUK PROJECT VIDEO HERE

Singer Demi Lovato UFO Sighting Encounter Video

July 23, 2016
The 'Confident' singer details her recent extraterrestrial experience. "I was walking outside and I looked up and it almost was like there was a worm in the sky. It was changing shapes and moving all over the place. I know that aliens are real," she said at the time. "How self-centered would we be as humans to believe that we are the only living things in the universe?" Demi Lovato Claims She Once Saw a UFO: 'It Was Like a Worm in the Sky'  ETONLINE.COM View Demi Lovato Interview Video Here  credit Frank Stalter

NASA Covering up for the Alien Agenda?

July 23, 2016

NASA Hiding UFO Sighting Information

Is NASA covering up for the Aliens Agenda? Rumors fly after video feed on the International Space Station cuts out at critical time.A 2012 National Geographic poll indicated that approximately 80 million Americans, or 36 percent of the country, believe that UFOs exist. More shockingly, a whopping 77 percent of Americans believe that there are signs that aliens have visited the Earth, according to ABC News."  Is NASA hiding UFO evidence?  CSMONITOR.COM|BY THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR credit Frank Stalter

UFO Sightings Intelligently controlled lights Altoona PA 7-19-16

July 22, 2016

I observed this UFO Sighting event and many others like it within the past 3 or 4 months. I live and work in Altoona PA. My work and my home are only about a mile apart, and in that general vicinity is where I see these UFO Sightings events occur. The first time I noticed this,was roughly 4 months prior to now. Naturally I figured it was a random occurrence. However, in the hours, and days that followed the first of these UFO Sightings, I could not shake the feeling that I was supposed to have witnessed it. It started to almost consume me emotionally, so I started dedicating an hour or so each night after work (generally between 11 pm and 3 am) surveying the night sky. As long as the weather cooperated, I would watch. As weeks went by, I saw nothing unusual. I started to notice my girlfriend of 6 years looking at me weird and questioning my mental stability. You could safely say she is skeptical. Not only of what I sighted but of me in general anyhow like 4 or 5 weeks later, I was treated to an amazing display of aerial phenomenon. Same type stuff as the first time, but it lasted much longer. A single light source sometimes stationary, sometimes in motion, dispensed then collected smaller light sources. I imagine these were indeed some type of physical bodies (UFOs,craft, disc, etc.) However I cant say positively I saw any material substance behind these lights. In all I witnessed these events no less than 5 times. All separate occasions. Last night was the 5th or 6th time. In closing, I must say that I would not believe this if I had not experienced it myself. Not that I would question a sighting such as these, as I would the amount of similar UFO Sightings in a somewhat short period of time. Ive known this was real since a UFO Sighting I had in 99, but now I know it exists on a much different level. I feel like I have truly been emotionally moved. MUFON CMS# 77837

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